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The Loyola App

The Loyola App is your mobile connection to Loyola University Maryland. News, campus directory & map, important notifications & numbers, course & grade information, Moodle announcements & assignments, and much more - all at your fingertips anytime and anywhere!

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eAccounts App

Loyola University Maryland’s eAccounts app provides quick and easy access to the most popular features of eAccounts. Students can access these features:

  • View current account balances
  • View recent transactions
  • Make real-time deposits to your account
  • Deactivate a lost or stolen ID card
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FoodU App

FoodU, Loyola University Maryland’s dining app, features information on your favorite Loyola dining spots including events, deals, menus and notes from your chefs! Check out What's Cooking for daily menus and hours of operation. You study hard all day, give your brain a rest! FoodU makes it easier to think with your stomach.

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Loyola Maryland (YouVisit LLC)

Discover Loyola Maryland!

Thinking of attending Loyola? Prospective students and families can explore the campus and learn about our unique programs, culture and sports teams through a self-guided tour. Whether at home or on campus our interactive student guide will accompany you as you explore our offerings through the use of the GPS-enabled campus map, student videos and photos.

Key Features

  • Self Guided Tour: A location-based Campus Map will highlight important landmarks on campus and will allow you to easily find your way around. As you approach
  • buildings our tour guide will provide you with important information regarding our programs.
  • Landmarks and Buildings: Learn more about our programs and explore campus landmarks via descriptions and rich-multimedia
  • Custom Walking Tour: Enhance your visit by taking a custom tour and get an up-close look at many of the unique majors and programs offered.
  • Multimedia: Explore our community by watching videos from campus and browsing through hundreds of photos
  • News and Sports Feeds: Stay updated with the latest new on the university and its various sports teams
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Hound Sports

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All iGoForth apps are only for Loyola students, staff, and faculty, and require a valid username/password to download and install

iGoForth Contest (2013/2014)

FACTracker (Winner)

The FacTracker app is your personal gym lifeline. It reports how busy the FAC is at any given time and contains all information pertaining to club sports, group exercise, intra-murals, hours of operation and other programs at the FAC. Everything you need to know about the FAC at your fingertips including the FAC's Twitter page!

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Android users: in order to install this app, you must enable the "Unknown Sources" option in your phone. This option can be found at Settings -> Security, or Settings -> Application.


Feet on the Street

Feet On The Street is an application that connects the user to the business, opportunities, and experiences available on York Road.  As part of the York Road Initiative, the application provides many categories for eating, shopping, volunteer involvement and more. Remember to read the tips/safety section before embarking on your discoveries of York Road. 

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Loyola on the Go (LoGo) (2nd Place)

LoGo is Loyola's first safety application where all emergency information and help is at your fingertips. Call campus police at the touch of a button, watch Loyola Shuttles move on the map, and calculate your legal drinks/ BAC to prevent risky situations. The application also includes safety tips on how to report sexual misconduct, bias reports, on-campus safety, transportation options, and street smarts. LoGo provides quick info in the moment of need!

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iGoForth Contest (2012/2013)

CCSJ Site Navigator (Winner)

And the winner is RAMM Squad with the CCSJ Site Navigator mobile app! This app provides information about community service opportunities, justice education, Service Learning and more, all in the palm of your hand, wherever you are. The incorporation of social media into the app makes it easy to "tell a friend" when you are signing up for a volunteer opportunity and you want your friends to join you.

The mobile app cleverly links to the CCSJ website for the most up to date events and service learning course information. Information that is critical to a successful experience for both the volunteer and the community partner are found within the app, as well as great advice. RAMM Squad had four team members: Megan Gansfuss, ’14, Amy Hartzog, '14, Megan Barrow, '14, Ruben Ferreira de Carvalho, '16. These ladies had quite a challenge because two of them were traveling abroad in New Zealand this semester, so they had to rely heavily on technology to collaborate on their project.

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Loyola Lab Assistant (2nd Place)

In second place, is the Loyola Lab Assistant, developed by Team App-solutely. Ever head to a campus lab only to find out all computers are in use? This mobile apps guarantees you will never have that problem again! Just check this app to see what is available. If your favorite lab is full, use the built in directions to find other labs that have open computers. The team provided some great ideas for enhancements to this app, like submit a trouble ticket if a machine is broke and get campus printer info. The challenge this team had before they even got started was that there was no way to tell when a lab computer was actually being used. They put on their thinking caps and wrote a small program that now runs on all Loyola lab computers that tracks logins and logouts.

This software now gives the University information about the utilization of their computer labs! Team App-solutely had three members; Joe Archie, '13, Christopher Chomeau, '13, Aaron Perseghin, '13.

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