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Our mission is to support, enrich and inspire the academic, social, and administrative experience of the Loyola community through dynamic partnerships and a focus on effective technologies in alignment with the University's mission and dedication to lifelong learning and caring for the whole person.

Guiding Principles

Non-technical in nature, our guiding principles were developed in order to communicate our way of proceeding as we work with our Loyola colleagues.

Office of CIO

Louise Finn leads technology services as Loyola's CIO. The office of the CIO provides leadership, strategy, operations management, financial management, and asset management for technology services and drives many of Loyola's top technology projects and initiatives. For more information visit the CIO site.

Business Services

Business Services implements best practices of business process management, project management, and relationship management to maximize effective use and allocation of resources to efficiently complete technology-based projects throughout the University. Business Services includes:

Client Services

Members of the Loyola community most frequently interact with this group. Client Services manages office technology, classroom technology, and computer labs. It consists of the following four centers, each specializing in supporting Loyola's technology constituents. Select from the following to learn more about their unique services.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications is a unit of technology services and is comprised of four teams: Application Development, Operations and Database Administration, Business Intelligence and Reporting, and Web Development. The primary responsibilities of the unit are to provide implementation services, enterprise application operational and technical support, web and portal technical support, business unit support, business unit relationship management, data reporting services and support, training, and enterprise application expertise to the University community. Enterprise Applications supports Datatel Colleague, Datatel delivered products for portal, reporting and admissions, custom integration with third party applications and tools and technical support and development for the external website and Datatel portal technologies.

Applications Development

  • Analyze, design, develop and implement new ERP customizations and upgrades.
  • Build interfaces between the ERP system and other third-party applications for data exchange
  • Provide project managers and project technical leads using project management methodologies
  • Act as business application functional experts.
  • Provide relationship management for business units through project development.
  • Provide 4th level support for Datatel related products and Colleague in upgrades, updates, bug fixes and customizations

Operations and Database Administration

  • Provide maintenance and first to third level support of Datatel supported products and Colleague
  • Development and support for Internal and External Websites
  • Provide application and database administration, data integrity and security.
  • Support custom Colleague data integration with third party systems.
  • Provide training for Colleague Users.
  • Provide relationship management with business units via Loyola’s committees.
  • Assist with project development.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

  • Analyze, develop and support business unit reporting needs.
  • Administer, develop and support Datatel Business Objects, Entrinsik Informer and iStrategy reporting tools.
  • Data and report analysis and research.
  • Assist with project development.

Web Development

  • Work with stakeholders, both internal and external, to analyze business process requirements and design & develop custom web-based solutions.
  • Provide integration solutions between products.
  • Provide support and maintenance of existing custom development solutions.
  • Provide development solutions for SharePoint (Inside Loyola) and the Sitecore CMS.
  • Work closely with Marketing & Communications to achieve university initiatives.


Infrastructure designs, provides, and maintains computing and communications infrastructure for Loyola. The Infrastructure group supports these systems and services 24/7 x 365. The broad range of services includes, but is not limited to:

  • A reliable, high speed network which provides communications for thousands of devices, both wired and wireless across all campuses.
  • A flexible, scalable, and reliable server based computing environment, including data backup, data center operations,  and disaster recovery planning.
  • An extensive security program intended to provide appropriate access to critical data, prevent and remediate intrusions, and communicate to the community best practices related to computing security.

Office of Educational Technology (OET)

The OET provides a bridge between you, the faculty, and the technology tools needed to help your students succeed. Our team consists of technology experts, instructional designers, and creative professionals here to help you use technology for the best educational outcome; enlightened and engaged students.