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Photo provided by sgraceThere are several tools available to help you build engaging course content. Moodle, our learner management system (LMS), is a tool for creating online, dynamic websites for your students. You may use it simply as a repository of supplemental resources. However Moodle offers a place all of your course materials online: course readings, recorded lectures, informational websites, interactive forums, assignments and assessments. 

Login directly at www.moodle.loyola.edu or access Moodle on your Inside Loyola home page.

Moodle Resources and Training

We will be upgrading our Moodle system to Moodle 2.6 on 7/9/2014, this version will offer the following new features:

Moodle 2 came online in summer 2013. This latest version offers a more streamlined look and updated tools to make teaching and learning easier. These include Drag and Drop file upload, the Activity Chooser, and updated icons--to name a few.

Increase Student Engagement

Students tend to learn more when they’re intensely involved in their education; when asked to think about what they are learning and apply it in different settings. Multimedia applications together with individual approaches within the education process can help in this direction. The FTC offers you several multimedia tools to help keep students engaged and actively learning.

Assignments and Grading in Moodle

Moodle offers a robust platform to assess student understanding of your course. Using simple feedback quizzes, involved term exams, and individual assignments, you are able track comprehension and accurately assess each person in your class.

  • Moodle Assignments: This quick video walks you through the process of creating an Assignment in Moodle, setting up various submission criteria, and grading guidelines.
  • Moodle Gradebook: This Moodle course give you in-depth training on every aspect of working with the Gradebook tool.