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Allocated Student Printing

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Loyola has adopted an Allocated Printing Program on all of our campuses. The purpose of the program is to support the University sustainability initiatives to reduce the amount of consumable waste (toner, paper) being generated by our University. In order to facilitate this initiative, students will be allocated print credits for each fall/spring semester and summer session.

Technology services and Loyola thank you for your help and participation in supporting this important sustainability initiative at our University.

Fall and Spring Semesters

Allocated print credits for students will be set to 300 pages per semester. Your first 300 pages are funded by Loyola. Any additional amounts in excess of 300 pages are not. If you exceed your allocated amount, funds will begin to be drawn from your Evergreen account balance at a rate of $.04 per page for black and white printing and $0.12 for color printing. It is important for you to understand that you will be charged for any printing that exceeds the allocated amount subsidized by Loyola. Each semester, your allocated print balance will refresh to 300 pages for use during that semester only. Print credits DO NOT roll over from one semester to another.

Summer Sessions I and II

100 pages will be allocated for each summer session. Printing in excess of the allocated amount will result in charges to your Evergreen account balance.

  • Summer I: Credits will be allocated on or before June 2 every year.
  • Summer II: Credits will be allocated on or before July 16 every year.
  • Students NOT enrolled in summer courses: On-campus printing will be charged against your Evergreen account balance at a rate of $0.04 per page for black and white printing and $0.12 for color printing.
  • Summer Student Employees:  A request for print credits can be made via email from your supervisor to the OTS Help Center (ots@loyola.edu).

How can I add funds to my Evergreen Card?

Evergeen deposits can be made from the Quick Links section of Inside.Loyola.

Public Printing Locations

Evergreen Campus

  • Ahern
  • Aquinas
  • BE 221
  • Butler
  • Campion
  • CC 104
  • CC 109
  • CC 110
  • CC 271
  • CTM 016
  • Dorothy Day
  • DS 151b
  • Hammerman
  • Hopkins Court
  • KH 002
  • KH Breezeway
  • Newman East

Timonium and Columbia Campuses

  • TIM 01
  • TIM 78
  • CC 300

Help and Support

Students may contact the Student Technology Center (STC) at 410-617-5555, or stop by in-person at Knott Hall 003 on the Evergreen campus.