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Loyola Print2Go is a mobile printing initiative launched by technology services, augmenting the campus allocated printing program. Print2Go takes advantage of the Loyola printing system allowing you to send your print job to any participating campus printer at Loyola, from anywhere you can reach the Internet.

How much does it cost?

Loyola Print2Go is a supplemental enhancement to the campus printing system. There is no additional charge for using Print2Go. The pages you print will be subject to the allocated printing program on a cost per page basis.

How long do I have to pick up my print job?

After you submit your print job, you will have up to one hour to pick up the job at the printer to which you sent it. After one hour, your job will be deleted from the print queue and you will need to re-submit the document for printing.

What if I accidently send a print job that I do not wish to print?

You may cancel the print job at the destination print terminal. You may also choose to have the document deleted from the queue after one hour has passed. You will not be charged via the allocated printing program unless you swipe and choose the document for printing.

Is Loyola Print2Go secure?

Yes! Your documents can be sent to any participating campus printer with an optional password that you create. When you travel to the printer, swipe your card and you will be prompted to enter the password to release the print job. Passwords can be unique for each print job submitted.

What printers can I print to on Loyola campuses?

Evergreen Campus

  • Knott Hall 002
  • Knott Hall Breezeway
  • Sellinger 1st Floor Lobby

Timonium Campus

  • GCTC 01
  • GCTC 78

Columbia Campus

  • GCCC 109
  • GCCC 110
  • GCCC 300

Throughout the academic year, more locations will be setup for printing.

How do I install Loyola Print2Go?

View the installation instructions for the appropriate operating system you are using by clicking the links below:

*At this time, Windows 7 and 64-bit systems are not supported