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Software Center is where employees of the Loyola Community can go to download both Loyola and non-Loyola programs for your PC. These programs are approved by Loyola and are safer than downloading programs directly from the Internet as they remove the risk of possible virus infection or downloading add-in items you do not intend to install. Software Center allows you to customize your PC by deciding which programs are installed on your machine without the need of assistance from Technology Services.
To begin, click the Start button and search for Software Center in the “search programs and files” bar.

The search should display Software Center. Please click on the entry underneath “Programs” to open the application. In the new box that opens you can see all of the programs available for installation on your machine. By clicking and highlighting each program you can see how much space it will require on your machine, if you will need to restart during installation and other information about the download.

If there is a program you are interested in installing please check the box to the left of the program then press “Install” in the lower right hand corner. You can continue working on your computer while the program installs.
If you have any questions about Software Center or the installation process please contact the Help Center at (410)617-5555 or by emailing OTS@loyola.edu.