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Scheduled IT System Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance occurs Sunday mornings between 6:00 AM and noon, EST

Regular system maintenance and server restarts for any of our services are scheduled on Sunday mornings between 6:00 AM and noon. The Loyola community should be aware that a system may be unavailable during this scheduled maintenance period.  Additionally, some system changes may need to be performed out-of-scope during the rest of the week and will occur as needed in order to maintain the function of technology services at Loyola.  Technology Services takes great care in scheduling system changes that occur at off-peak times for our community so as to decrease any noticeable interruption of service for Loyola.  This list is updated every Wednesday.

The following systems/services will be impacted by maintenance during the next week:

 Services Date/Time Status
Additional Information
Wired and Wireless Network in College Center Friday, November 27 1pm-2pm Unavailable The disruptions will be localized and independent of each other, i.e. the entire College Center will not lose connectivity at the same time. 
 WLOY and Computer Science Network
Friday, November 27 2:30pm-3pm
Service Disruption
 The disruption is expected to last less than 5 minutes
 Houndnet and eHoundnet-FSA
Saturday, November 28, 6am-8am
 Select Polycom Phones Saturday, November 28, 6am-8am
 Rebooting Select Phones will be rebooted, taking a few minutes to reboot