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Introducing LyncLoyola! Voice communication at Loyola is being moved to a whole new level through providing improved sound quality, reliability, and advanced features that help you live, learn and work at Loyola.  Much like the carriers such as Verizon and Comcast are offering you for your home phones, Loyola is now offering this same Voice Over IP (VOIP) type of service at our University.Lync Phone

This transition begins with a desk phone replacement for faculty, staff, and administrators. Your campus phone will be upgraded to a new model that supports all basic calling features: making and receiving calls, placing calls on hold, transferring, and conference calling. All of these features are accessible through a touch screen panel on the front of this new phone.

In the future, additional features will be available such as integration with your Loyola account; email, calendar and contacts, video conferencing and other collaboration tools.

Want to learn more about your new LyncLoyola phone? Download the LyncLoyola Quick Start Guide (PDF)

Select Testing Across Campus 

Right now, a pre-selected group of staff and faculty are our early adopters. This group of testers has the opportunity to try out the new phones and start using the new features.  If you are one of the lucky few, your feedback and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Once this early phase of testing is successfully completed, we continue the campus-wide upgrade by replacing all Loyola desk phones during the fall semester and winter break.  Stay tuned for information on on this exciting transition.

Advanced Features of LyncLoyola

These features are currently in beta testing and are accessible through Microsoft Lync, installed on your computer. You will hear more about these features and be provided with training after we wrap up installation of new desk phones, but you are welcome to try them now. Support will be on a best-effort basis through the Office of Technology Support Help Center until we have completed rolling out new LyncLoyola phones.

  • Instant Messaging (IM) – Allows you to “chat” with people by typing in a dedicated window. Similar products you might have used at home are AIM, g-chat.
  • Audio Communication –  You can speak with colleagues using Lync and microphone connected to your computer  instead of by phone
  • Video Communications – You can video conference with one or more colleagues using a built-in or USB webcam to see and hear all attendees. This is similar to Skype, Go-To Meeting, and other web-conferencing tools.
  • Desktop Sharing – Allows you to show an application, such as a Power Point presentation or your entire screen. You can even hand over control of your screen to another attendee. This feature is similar to join.me.
  • File Sharing – Send attachments while using the above features.

Installation of Microsoft Lync

Microsoft Lync is already installed on most Loyola computers, however if your computer is missing Lync or you would like to install Lync on a personal computer, you can download it from the technology services download page.