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Network Connectivity

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Wired Access

Traditional network access is provided in student residence halls, offices, and throughout certain areas of the campus. Individuals can connect using a standard RJ-45 Ethernet cable for access to the Loyola data network and Internet.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access

Loyola offers nearly 100% wi-fi coverage (called "HoundNet") throughout Loyola's campuses. There are three forms of wireless access: open, encrypted, and guest.

HoundNet Open Wi-Fi

HoundNet is the name of the open on-campus wi-fi connection offering access to the Loyola data network and Internet. "Open" designates that this network is not encrypted but does provide some minimal security features such as requiring a Loyola username/password to connect.

  • How do I access HoundNet?
    Use your device's wireless application software to search for available wireless networks. This application differs with each manufacturer. Consult your specific documentation for assistance. Connect to the wireless network named "HoundNet." Open an internet browser and enter your Loyola username and password in the login screen.
  • Where can I access HoundNet?
    HoundNet is accessible from any campus location including the Timonium and Columbia graduate centers, the Belvedere Clinical Center, and the Loyola/Notre Dame Library.
  • How fast is HoundNet?
    Depending on your hardware, current wireless technology can operate at speeds up to 54Mbps and often provides an online experience comparable to that of traditional wired networks.
  • Can I still connect to the traditional wired network?
    Yes, all wired connections inside residence halls and in certain academic and social areas at Loyola will still provide access to the data network and Internet using a Category 4 (or higher) ethernet cable.
  • What you’ll need to connect to HoundNet:
    A wi-fi capable device wireless network card capable of supporting either 802.11a, g, or n.

eHoundNet - Encrypted Wi-Fi

Loyola's wireless network, HoundNet, was built to provide Wi-Fi access for all areas of the Loyola campus. Given the increasing amount of risk involved when attaching your technology devices wirelessly to the Internet, two additional encrypted wireless networks are available. These new wireless networks are enhanced with encryption and require authentication (Loyola ID/password) in order to use them.


Eduroam is a worldwide federated network access service which allows members to use each other’s secure wireless networks by logging in with their home institution’s email address and password. Eduroam is available to members of the Loyola community traveling to other participating institutions, and to visitors to Loyola from other universities.

Knowing Which Network To Use

Note: “e” stands for “encrypted”

Students Faculty, Admin, and Staff Visitors
HoundNet X    
eHoundNet-Stud X    
eHoundNet-FSA   X  
HoundNet-Guest     X

How do I connect to these encrypted wireless networks?

On your device, view the list of wireless networks available from your location. Choose the appropriate wireless network for your needs, role and “connect.” When prompted, enter your Loyola username and password. When asked to trust the connection, please click “trust.” Once connected, your data is now being transmitted using encryption and you are communicating in a safer mode!

Technical walkthroughs: