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The Study

Request a Tutor

Students can request a tutor on our online scheduling system, TutorTrac. Students can request a tutor following these simple steps:

  • We suggest using Mozilla Firefox as your browser.
  • Log into the scheduling system using your Loyola user name and password. (This is the same as your log in for Moodle, Web Advisor, email, Inside Loyola, etc.)
  • On the left-hand corner of the page in the Student Options box, please choose “Search Availability.”
  • Then choose “The Study” from the “Centers” dropdown menu.
  • Next, choose the course you need tutoring in from the “Sections” dropdown menu. (Only the courses you are enrolled in this semester will appear.)
  • Next, choose the date and time you would like to make a tutoring appointment. 
  • Please note:  Tutoring appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.  No appointments will appear when you search unless they will take place more than 24 hours from that time.
  • Important: We suggest choosing “All” availability. By selecting all, you will see all tutors’ schedules for the next two weeks. You will have more availability to choose from, as opposed to selecting a specific date and time.
  • Finally, select the appointment time you want. You will receive an appointment confirmation email immediately and an appointment reminder email 24-hours before your scheduled appointment.

If you cannot find an appointment time that fits into your schedule (and you’ve chosen “all” as the scheduling option), please email us at TheStudy@Loyola.edu including the days and times you are available, and we will do our best to find you a tutor.

Tutoring appointments must be booked at least 24 hours in advance.

Please note that students will be able to book two hours of tutoring per week per course.  If students require additional assistance, they should contact the Tutor Coordinator to arrange it.

Want to meet with the same tutor at the same time every week?  Ask your tutor what day and time works for them, then email that information plus the course to the Tutor Coordinator.  Please note that students may only have one weekly appointment per week per course.

Although The Study does its best to provide tutoring for all undergraduate courses at Loyola, we do not have tutors on staff for every single course. If you need a tutor for a course and we do not have a tutor on staff, please email the Tutor Coordinator or TheStudy@Loyola.edu and we will do our best to find a tutor for you.

If you have questions about requesting a tutor, e-mail TheStudy@loyola.edu, call 410-617-2104, or stop by the third floor of Jenkins Hall.