Loyola University Maryland

The Career Center

Ways Parents Can Help

  1. Encourage your student to visit The Career Center to discuss majors, internships, resume writing & planning for a career, plus so much more.
  2. Make sure your student gets registered with HireLOYOLA as early as possible to connect with over 1200 Alumni who are willing to assist your student, to view job/internship opportunities, to schedule on-campus interviews and to obtain employer contacts.
  3. Promote networking. Introduce your student to other professionals - your co-workers, friends, people who know through professional, community and social experiences.
  4. Encourage use of our online resources. Your student can make an individual appointment to discuss how to use these resources most efficiently.
  5. Read the parent's homepage to know social events The Career Center is hosting. Encourage your sons and daughters to attend these events.
  6. Strongly recommend they attend workshops, specifically: Effective Resumes and Employment Correspondence, Interviewing for Success, Part I, Interviewing for Success, Part II, and LinkedIn.

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