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Internship FAQs for Employers

How do students find out about my internship(s)?

Once internships are submitted via the online position submittal form, they are posted on The Career Center's online recruiting system, HireLOYOLA. All students have access to HireLOYOLA in order to search for and apply to employment and internship opportunities.

How many hours do students need to complete for an internship?

This depends on whether a student is receiving course credit or not. In order to receive course credit, a student needs to complete either (1) a minimum of 100 internship hours over the course of at least six  weeks, or (2) a minimum of 150 internship hours over the course of a semester or the summer. If the student isn't receiving course credit, the hours are flexible and can be agreed upon by the employer and student.

I am unable to pay my intern. Are they able to receive course credit instead?

Yes; however, the faculty member teaching the internship course must approve the intern's job description in order for the student to receive credit.

What is Loyola's position on recent the recent legal issues regarding unpaid internships?

The Career Center at Loyola University Maryland adheres to the principles and policies set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). For more information regarding NACE's position on unpaid internships, please visit the NACE website.

These are some highlights of NACE's position on unpaid internships:

  • Internships provide unique and valuable experiences for students both academically and in professional career preparation.
  • What constitutes an internship is determined in the final analysis by the student’s college or university and the employer.
  • Internship programs should ideally involve a close partnership between the university, the participating student, and the employer in which all accrue some form of benefit.
  • All interns, regardless of their compensation, should enjoy similar basic protections in the work setting consistent with all laws, ethical considerations, and sound business practices.

If my intern is receiving academic credit for their internship, what are my responsibilities as an employer for the course?

Typically, the employer is required to complete a midterm and final evaluation of the student's performance at their internship. The information from this evaluation contributes to the student's final grade for the course.

My internship is paid but can my intern also receive course credit?

This is at the discretion of the student's academic department; however, many departments are supportive of students being compensated in addition to receiving credit for their internship.

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