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The Women’s Center

We are dedicated to empowering women and men by educating the university and surrounding community on issues of gender that are of particular interest to women.
The Center is a resource open to all members of the Loyola community, serving both as a haven where women’s issues may be freely discussed and as a beacon which guides the community toward genuine gender equality

Where is The Women’s Center?
1. Take the Loyola Bridge to the west side of campus (toward Hopkins, Seton, Campion, Newman, etc.).
2. Go down the steps & make a left heading towards East Cold Spring Road
3. We are on the left in Seton Court (to the left of the Health Center)
4. If you reach East Cold Spring Road you have gone too far

Fall 2015 Semester Events

Fall Semester Book Club: I Am Malala
Every Thursday 12pm-1pm from October 8th – November 19th

• Table @ Student Activities Fair – Tuesday 8th 4:30pm-6pm
• Women’s Center Open House – Thursday 17th 11:30am-2pm
• Cancer Awareness Event (Outside Boulder) – Monday & Tuesday 5th & 6th 11am-2pm
• The Rape Myths (McGuire Hall) – Wednesday 7th 7pm-8pm
• Rachel Hills – The Sex Myth (Sellinger VIP Lounge) – Thursday 8th 6pm-8pm
• Red Flag Dating Violence Campaign (Outside Boulder) – Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday 12th – 14th 11am – 2pm
• Women’s Center Coffee Wednesday – Wednesday 21st 10:30am-1pm
• The Mask You Live In (Knott Hall B03) – Wednesday 4th 7pm-9:15pm
• Women’s Center Coffee Wednesday – 18th 10:30am-1pm
• Megan Williams NIH Researcher: Rape Statistics (@ Center) - Tuesday 1st 7pm-9pm
• Women’s Center Coffee Wednesday – Wednesday 2nd 10:30am-1pm 
• Study Day Massages – Thursday 10th 10am-2pm (Sign Up Required)

Need More Information?
Email: womenscenter@loyola.edu Call: 410-617-5844
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