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General Information About Online Appointments

Online consultations are a unique service we provide to our graduate students. In order to use it, you still must make an appointment with us, so our tutors are provided a scheduled amount of time to review your assignment. Your appointment will take place in real time, as a live Google+ hangout. Since you will be chatting with your tutor you must be present at your computer with internet access at the time of your appointment, just as you would for a face-to-face appointment.

You will need a free Gmail/Google+ account in order to access the Writing Center’s online appointment services. Documents such as your paper or other matierals that you wish to share with a tutor will be viewed through the GoogleDocs associated with your Gmail account. Your tutor can talk you through how to upload and share a document at the time of your session if you have never done this before.

Online appointments with our writing tutors are available to graduate students across all three campuses, during regular business hours. Simply note that you would like an online appointment when scheduling

Scheduling Your Online Appointment

When making an appointment for an online appointment on TutorTrac, please indicate under the "Notes" section whether this appointment is an online consult, if you'd prefer a phone call at the end of the consult, and your phone number. Once you hit "Save," go back the Main Menu of TutorTrac. On the main page, you will find the appointment you scheduled. Click on this appointment. You will find a form with your appointment information on it. Find the "Document" tab and click on it. This window will allow you to load your document on it. Please note a 1-hour appointment will only cover a certain amount of information, 5-7 pages, typically. If your document is longer, you can make another appointment on a different day.

How to use Google+

1.    Take note of the location where you scheduled your online appointment (Evergreen/Main Campus, Timonium, or Columbia)
2.     Click on the appropriate link to automatically begin a Google+ chat with a writing center staff member.
a.    Evergreen: Start your video chat.
b.    Timonium: Start your video chat.
c.    Columbia: Start your video chat.
3.    You will need to sign in using your Google+ account or you will be prompted to create one using your Gmail. 
***If you are unable to using Google+ for any reason, please contact our center at 410-617-5415 or lwc@loyola.edu.  We will be happy to accommodate all needs***
4.    Once you are connected, one of our friendly desk attendants or tutors will take down your information and put it into our system.  
a.    Evergreen campus: a desk attendant will answer then forward you to your assigned tutor. A Loyola Writing Center tutor will initiate a new hangout call with you.  You should then disconnect the call with the desk attendant.
b.    Timonium or Columbia: you will be connected directly to your tutor.
5.    The tutor will prompt you to upload your document to the google hangout.  See instructional video for step-by-step instructions.

6.    Your tutor will walk you through the rest of the appointment.

 a.     Your paper will be automatically saved on Google Drive.

 b.     A webcam and microphone are not needed.  Using the chat function can also provide real-time communication.

7.    If you would like to save your document on your computer for later, the document will have to be downloaded from google docs.  Written instructions for downloading your document can be found here.