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Class Visits

Upon request, the Writing Center will send a staff member to a particular class to introduce its services and programs to the students. These visits may last anywhere from five to thirty minutes depending on the needs of the instructor.  

Suggestions for Students

You may want to suggest in your syllabus that all students use the center or ask them to make an appointment for specific assignments. (Just give us a two-week notice if you require your entire class to attend the LWC, a three-week notice or more if it is a larger than normal class.) Encouraging students by offering more time on an assignment or additional points if they use the writing center also increases their interest in seeing how LWC can meet their needs. It will be helpful for us to have your syllabus and copies of specific assignments so that our tutors can be familiar with the assignment and your expectations. Please send any materials you feel are pertinent to the assignment to Director Lisa Zimmerelli at lwc@loyola.edu.

If you want to identify specific students who could benefit from continued writing center support, please let us know how we can assist you and the student.

Naturally, midterm and finals weeks are very busy, so if you anticipate sending your students during these periods, please add additional planning time so that we can accommodate your students, particularly if you have a large class.

Graduate Writing Fellow

Upon request, the Writing Center may appoint a ‘Writing Fellow’ to be the liaison to a particular graduate level course for the length of the term. The Fellow may perform class visits, serve as a point of contact with the Writing Center, lead assignment specific workshops, and/or facilitate other modes of discussion among the students about the course writing outcomes.  For more information, or to request either a Class Visit or the assignment of a Graduate Writing Fellow, please contact the Writing Center: lwc@loyola.edu or (410) 617-5415.