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Evergreen Annual

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The yearbook invites anyone looking to meet new people, attend campus events, become a student leader, or add to their resumes to inquire about a staff position. The various paid positions include copy editor, design editor, photo editor, and editor in chief. You are also welcome to join the staff as a part time member or even just to provide us with photographs.

We encourage people of all majors to join the yearbook. There is writing involved, selling senior ad space, photography, computer layout design, and much more. All positions require organizational and time management skills, teamwork, and effective communication skills.

Picture of yearbook staff members      Picture of yearbook staff member

We are always looking for new staff members so if you have any questions or would like to join us please email us at evergreenannual@gmail.com or call our office at 410-617-2534.

We use the herff jones program, hjedesign. Below are two pictures of sample pages.

Yearbook sample one using Herff Jones design

Yearbook sample two using Herff Jones design