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Welcome Tutors! 

 Check out the instructions for our new Google+ feature!

1.    The DA will inform you that you have a walk-in appointment or that your scheduled appointment has arrived in the hangout.
***Only graduate students can make scheduled online appointments at this time***
2.    You will start a call with the student with the name or email address that the DA will provide for you.  Feel free to use your personal computer for the appointment, but make sure that you use your LWC Google+ account.
3.    Introduce yourself as you would in a normal face-to-face appointment
4.    If your webcam/microphone is not working, you do not have one on the computer you are using, or the student does not have a webcam/microphone you can still do the appointment using the chat function only.
5.    Prompt the student to upload or open their paper using the google drive button. Walk them through the process if necessary.
6.    Once the document is uploaded you can both edit the document and you can make your recommendations using the voice or chat function.
7.    When you are finished with your appointment, sign the student out as usual and complete the intake form.  Leave 5 minutes at the end of the appointment to complete the form.   
8.    Inform the student that their document will have to be downloaded from google docs if they want it on their computer later.  
a.    Written instructions can be found here: https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2423534?hl=en

Need a refresher on navigating TutorTrac? Check out the instruction videos below!

How to Access Your Consultant Profile: 

When you first log in, there are preferences that you will need to adjust and save in order to see your appointments properly. 

How to Check The Schedule: 

When a student arrives to meet with you for your appointment, you must log them in on TutorTrac.

When you're done with your appointment, you must log out your student: