Digital Communication in the Classroom

Web Site Project

Each of your assignments requires you to create a Web page. This assignment can be done as part of one of those assignments, or it can be an independent Web site. If it is not part of another project, your Web site must be useful in an educational context.

Create a series of at least four World Wide Web Pages that provide information that is useful in an educational context, that are designed as a lesson to teach something, or that are part of another assignment for this class

For this project, you will be combining HTML code with CSS. Beware that if you use a Web authoring tool, you are likely to find it necessary to edit the HTML code directly, so it is important that you understand the basics of coding in HTML. As references, you might wish to purchase a book, such as Headfirst HTML with CSS, you might wish to purchase another reference book, or you might wish to refer to HTML guides on the Web at:

Once you have completed the pages, put them on the Web. You may use your Loyola University Web space, your school's web server (if allowed by your school), or any other space to which you have access.

This project can be done in combination with other projects. That is, you might wish to create a series of Web pages to complement another project you are doing. In fact, you are strongly encouraged to combine this project with ONE other project. While you may combine it with all your projects, you are encouraged to restrict this to one project. When handing this in, be clear about the scope of this project.

Minimum Grading Criteria:

If the minimum grading criteria are met, you will receive a B for this assignment. The grade of A is reserved for outstanding work that goes beyond the minimum criteria. See the rubric for more details about grading criteria.

What to Hand In

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