Web Site Grading Rubric

In order to receive an A on this project, all categories must be in the "Meets Expectations" column and two categories must reach the "Exceeds Expectations" column. Note that the items listed under "Exceeds Expectations" are only suggestions; you may find other ways to exceed the expectations. If all categories are listed as "Meets Expectations," your grade will be B.

Below Expectations Meets Expectations Exceeds Expectations
(these are suggestions; you might find other ways to exceed expectations)
Web Site Is a site that consists of fewer than 4 different HTML pages, or the pages are not interlinked, or some files are not properly named, or some pages are not done as Web pages that should be. Is a site consisting of at least 4 different HTML pages that link to each other. All pages are properly named (with no special characters or spaces in the names). All pages are created in the form of a Web page (except possibly a couple of pages where a Web page doesn't make as much sense as a Word or other type of file). Hint: don't leave something as a Word document out of laziness, but don't force something to be a Web page when it naturally should be some other type of document.
  • An extensive site is created, consisting of 8 or more different interlinked pages and takes full advantage of the power of being a Web site. Note that if you have several identical pages with a slight change in the content of each page, the similar pages will only count once towards exceeding the expectations.
Educational Context Is not complete and useful in an educational context. Is complete and useful in an educational context, either as reference material, as a lesson (I will be looking for a sound educational plan, not just some stuff thrown together on a few Web pages), or as part of another assignment. Note that this requirement is satisfied if your Web site is one or more of your other projects.  (none)
    HTML Makes more than one or two tag errors that do not affect the appearance of the pages; or makes any tag errors that cause something on the pages not to show correctly; or does not include a title on each page, tables and/or lists, and a clickable email address. Correctly uses HTML tags and includes a title on each page using the <title> tag, tables and/or lists where appropriate, and a clickable email address. (none)
    CSS Relies on HTML or inline CSS to do formatting that is easy to do with CSS style sheet. Correctly uses CSS tags for all formatting. Inline CSS is used sparingly, if at all (beware KompoZer will use inline CSS for formatting so don't rely on its formatting). Uses CSS extensively. For example:
    • Includes CSS styles for nearly all HTML tags used
    • Uses a common style sheet for all pages within the site
    • Uses several different attributes for each styled HTML element
    General Technical

    Finds interesting technical additions to the Web site, such as (but not limited to):

    • Using at least two separate JavaScript scripts to provide interactive features to the site
    • Embedding Web 2.0 or other external tools into the site
    Hyperlinks Includes fewer than three hyperlinks to external sites Includes hyperlinks to at least 3 external Web pages with related information (these are pointers to pages that are not part of your site) (none)
    Public URLIs not available on the World Wide Web, or is available but the incorrect URL is sent to the instructorIs available on the World Wide Web with the correct URL emailed to the instructor. Note that the correct URL will work for the instructor without a password.(none)
    Grammar, Spelling, and UsageThe number of grammar, spelling, and usage errors exceeds a fewCorrect grammar, spelling, and usage is used throughout the site(none)
    Extraordinary Quality

    The Web site is extremely well done in ways that don't fit into the other categories. This will be used rarely but allows the instructor to assign a higher grade for work that is of very high quality.