Agenda: Class 5

ET 690 Educational Technology Seminar

"Instead of asking what our children will learn with computers, we also need to ask what they will become." Healy, p. 191

"The belief that some communities are 'real' and others 'virtual' ignores what is 'virtual' (imagined) about all communities and what is 'real' even about online communities--as real as any community can be." Burbules & Callister, p. 168

"Similarly, is a virtual conversation with someone, mediated by a two-way video link, less 'real' than a face-to-face conversation? What if people happen to be more honest in video links than face-to-face--which interaction is more 'real' then?" --Burbules & Callister, p. 175

"In arguing that books are archaic and dispensable, Federman and Shirky provide the intellectual cover that allows thoughtful people to slip comfortably into the permanent state of distractedness that defines the online life." Carr. p. 112

"...looking to games for amusement is one thing. Looking to them for a life is another. As I have said, with robots, we are alone and imagine ourselves together. On networks, including game worlds, we are together but so lessen our expectations of other people that we can feel utterly alone." --Turkle, p. 226

"Venting feelings comes to feel like sharing them." --Turkle, p. 231

"When we live a large part of our personal lives online, these complex empathetic transactions become more elusive. We get used to getting less." --Turkle, p. 234

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