Agenda: Class 6

ET 690 Educational Technology Seminar

"How much intellectual rigor must we sacrifice in order to get kids 'motivated'?" Healy, p. 264

"But we all must realize that opening the Internet's door to youngsters also requires teachers to accept additional responsibilities. This does not just involve watching out for pornographic or violent material; that's the easy part. It also concerns watching what values and beliefs students develop about what knowledge is; how it's built; how it's used; and what it demands of them, as students and citizens." --Oppenheimer, p. 395

"The development of a well-rounded mind requires both an ability to find and quickly parse a wide range of information and a capacity for open-ended reflection. There needs to be time for efficient data collection and time for inefficient contemplation, time to operate the machine and time to sit idly in the garden. We need to work in Google's 'world of numbers,' but we also need to be able to retreat to Sleepy Hollow. The problem today is that we're losing our ability to strike a balance between those two very different states of mind. Mentally, we're in perpetual locomotion." Carr, p. 168

"The idea that we can be exactly what the other desires is a powerful fantasy. Among other things, it seems to promise that the other will never, ever, have reason to leave. Feeling secure as an object of desire (because the other is able to imagine you as the perfect embodiment of his or her desire) is one of the deep pleasures of Internet life." --Turkle, p. 249

"Privacy has a politics. For many, the idea 'we're all being observed all the time anyway, so who needs privacy?' has become commonplace. But this state of mind has a a cost."--Turkle, p. 262

"There are no simple answers as to whether the Net is a place to be deliberate, to commit to life, and live without resignation. But these are good terms with which to start a conversation. That conversation would have us ask if these are the values by which we want to judge our lives." --Turkle, p. 277

"If there is an addiction here, it is not to a technology. It is to the habits of mind that technology allows us to practice." --Turkle, 288

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