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Contact campus police at 410-617-5911

Prolonged street parking restrictions during Guilford Reservoir project

Baltimore City will soon begin a construction project to replace water storage tanks beneath the Guilford Reservoir and perform critical maintenance on the reservoir’s nearby water pumping station. The Guilford Reservoir is located south of Cold Spring Lane immediately east of Loyola’s Evergreen campus.

The city expects the project to last at least four years. During that time, street parking will be periodically prohibited around the reservoir.

Old Cold Spring Lane between the reservoir and the Guilford triangle will be closed for the entire duration of the project, beginning as early as the first week of May 2016. Millbrook Road south of Cold Spring Lane will be closed from August through October 2016. Street parking will continue to be available on the Cold Spring Lane side of the Guilford triangle.

The area outlined in orange on the map below indicates where parking will be prohibited throughout the duration of the project. The area in blue indicates where parking will be prohibited from August through October 2016.

Loyola students and employees who rely on the reservoir area for parking are encouraged to review other immediately available parking options at and around Loyola (listed below) and consider an alternative.

Student parking options:

  • 5104 York Road lot
  • Fitness and Aquatic Center lot
    Please contact SAS at ext. 2423 or visit Maryland Hall Rm. 140 for availability and rates

Employee parking options:

  • ***New*** On the Guilford triangle surface
  • 5104 York Road lot
  • Cathedral lot
  • Butler lot
    Please contact SAS at ext. 2423 or visit Maryland Hall Rm. 140 for availability and rates

Street parking options:

  • Along Charles Street north of Cold Spring Lane, during permitted hours displayed on street signage
  • Along Cold Spring Lane east of Charles Street, during permitted hours displayed on street signage (includes block of Cold Spring Lane along Guilford triangle)
  • Along Millbrook Road north of Cold Spring Lane
    Reminder: Parking in neighborhoods surrounding Loyola’s campus is strictly prohibited

Detailed information about all parking options on Loyola property is available on the Loyola parking website.

Thank you for your patience while Baltimore City works on this prolonged project. Please direct any questions to the appropriate contact below:

  • Guilford Reservoir project: Joan Flynn, ext. 5161
  • Parking fees and availability: Carolyn Jenkins, ext. 2423
  • Parking, general inquiries: Christian Marriott, ext. 5552

Ongoing preparedness information

Staff and administrators: Inclement weather policy when Loyola is open

When weather is severe and Loyola is open, some employees may decide it is unsafe to come to work/remain at work. If an employee decides not to come to work or to leave, they must ask their supervisor/department chair for approval. Employees with an approved absence or early departure due to inclement weather may use vacation leave, personal leave, or leave without pay for the absence. For additional information see policy 4.5 through 4.6 of the Staff and Administrator Policy Manual.

Students and faculty: Academic continuity

There are several options for students and faculty to stay connected and maintain coursework when classes are canceled and campus is closed.

  • Faculty members are encouraged to develop a plan and inform students so that they understand course expectations. Please review the Maintaining Class During University Closures page on the academic affairs website for information on inclement weather, options for instructional continuity, and guidance from the Faculty Handbook.
  • Students are encouraged to consult the syllabus, course Moodle page, and email communication from their instructors.


This page will be updated with alerts and emergency information during incidents that affect the Loyola University Maryland community. Students, parents, faculty, staff, and administrators are encouraged to sign up for text alerts through e2Campus, connect with Loyola on Facebook, and follow Loyola on Twitter for immediate information during an emergency.

For information about security and fire safety at Loyola please read the Annual Security and Fire Report (Clery Act).