Lacking job prospects during an economic recession, I went straight into grad school at the University of Texas-Austin.


Having serious doubts about a) finishing my dissertation; and b) finding a job in a difficult academic market, I applied for a 2-year fellowship/internship in academic publishing.


I got the fellowship and began learning about typesetting and book design in the Design and Production Department at University of Texas Press. 1995-1997 My employers were so impressed that they hired me out of the internship to take a full-time position as a book and jacket designer at UT Press. Job secured!


Wanting to finish what I started, I became a freelance graphic designer and returned to my dissertation project part-time.


Wanting to augment my income, I got a position teaching 9th and 11th grade English and serving as publications director at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School in Austin, TX.


I went back to freelancing to really, finally, once and for all finish my dissertation. I successfully received my Ph.D and applied for professorial jobs, including one at a school I had never heard of before, Loyola College.


To my great surprise, I was hired by Loyola, where you’ve suffered with me ever since!

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