Study Abroad Isn't Just About Seeing the Sights...

Taking photos...
Changing time zones...
Or the places you'll go...
It's about living out of a suitcase.
Adding two courses to your sophomore schedule to prepare for a language immersion program.
Calculating the
exchange rate for four different currencies.
Talking to the person across the aisle on your 8 hour international flight.
Realizing that when you're in the southern hemisphere, summer abroad is actually winter abroad.
Figuring out how to read a subway map.
Wearing through your favorite pair of sneakers after walking a few of the 5,500 miles of the Great Wall of China.
Giving a class presentation on local culture while studying in...
Volunteering at a local grammar school between classes
Taking classes in English, but ordering dinner in Thai
Using a map that isn't attached to a keyboard.
Acquiring the ability to sleep on a plane on a train on a boat
Writing a class paper in the morning and visiting the roman forum in the afternoon.
Weeknights in cities across Europe and weekdays
at the oldest Catholic university in the world.
Seeing more stars than you ever thought existed.
Realizing what makes the wonders of the world wonderful.
Getting international perspective in your international business courses.
Knowing that when you head back for senior year, you'll see everything in a completely new light.
Study abroad is not just about seeing the world—it's
about changing how you see the world.

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At Loyola, there are lots of ways to study abroad—you can select one of Loyola's international programs, an exchange program, an affiliation, or a summer program. Some programs are more competitive than others. Some are designed for specific majors.

In some programs, courses are taught in English—in others, you'll take courses in the local language. And wherever you decide to study, all of our international programs require strong academics and a willing attitude. 64% of Loyola students study abroad during junior year, and no matter where you go—be it Bangkok or Paris, Madrid or San Salvador—your experience will transform your point of view.

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