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Infinitely Adaptable

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies at Loyola University Maryland encourages students to explore the traditions that have shaped the human experience, to see themselves and their world with fresh eyes, and to communicate what they see with clarity, precision, and confidence. The program seeks to “liberate” in the classic sense of that term, delivering a rich and satisfying intellectual experience in an environment which respects a broad spectrum of cultural traditions and perspectives. Although the learning aims of individual courses will differ in their specifics, each will address the overarching educational goals of the program, namely to foster and develop:

  • eloquentia perfecta – the ability to speak and to write effectively, gracefully, and responsibly across various media
  • critical acumen in thinking, reading, and analyzing
  • appreciation for and understanding of the diversity of the human experience
  • the promotion of justice

We Adapt…

Liberal Studies at Loyola is built on a flexible, interdisciplinary framework, centering around connections among specific courses and areas of interest of the student. Areas of study include, but are not limited to, literature, business, economics, the arts, politics, philosophy, and science, as well as intellectual and social history. Courses are offered at campuses in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Howard County, and some courses combine face-to-face meetings with online interactions and activities.

So That You Can Adapt.

At the heart of Graduate Liberal Studies is the commitment to better understand and clarify the world as well as our place, and that of others, within the world, driven by an acute recognition of, and respect for, the profound diversity of human character and human experience. Liberal Studies at Loyola strives to make a difference in students’ lives, so that they in turn can make a real difference in their offices, in their classrooms, in their communities, and in their world. 

Let's Have a Conversation!

We pride ourselves in our ability to help you succeed. Student satisfaction in Liberal Studies at Loyola is an essential ingredient of the program’s success; you have our attention from the first moment you contact us. We know your schedules are busy, so we are happy to meet with you to discuss the program, admission process, graduate school outcomes, and of course the variety of unique class content at a time that is convenient for you. Please fill out the “Request Information” form and we’ll reach out to you about setting a time to chat directly, or provide you with more information about obtaining a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies.

Visit the liberal studies program website to learn more about the program.

Upcoming Events

Liberal Studies Workshops

Liberal Studies workshops expose prospective students to the experience and course structure of the master's program in addition to providing a deep discussion of a contemporary critical topic. The workshops occur over a few sessions, with each day's session lasting approximately 1.5-2 hours (refreshments provided). Typically, the sessions run in early evening after business hours and are hosted at high schools in the Baltimore area. Each workshop is facilitated by different Loyola University Maryland faculty from the Liberal Studies program.

For more information on past and upcoming workshops, please visit the workshops page.

Discussions / Talks

Updated information for upcoming talks is forthcoming.

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Meet our alumni

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