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You’ve considered going to graduate school. Now is the time.

Studies show professionals with a graduate degree earn nearly 30% more per year on average than those with a bachelor’s.

But that’s just part of the story. Imagine what a graduate degree from Loyola University Maryland can do for you—for your career, for your personal enrichment, and for the rest of your life. Our in-demand graduate programs offer a personal, flexible, and highly respected education guided by the Jesuit tradition. Each is designed to give you the support to excel and the confidence to be a responsible leader at a time when society could use your guidance.

We’re ready when you are.

Classes available in Baltimore, Timonium, Columbia—and online.

M.Ed. in Montessori Education

The Master of Education in Montessori education is a pioneering program that’s helped a generation of educators develop innovative teaching skills in the Montessori tradition. Loyola’s flagship partner, the Washington Montessori Institute is the oldest training center in North America, providing you with the most complete and respected curriculum of its kind. With locations across the country and formats for either multi-summer or academic year classes, the program is designed to fit the unique schedules of today’s teachers.

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Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) is developing a new generation of educators from untraditional backgrounds to meet the needs of diverse learners at a time when student performance is at the forefront of the national conversation. Our MAT program will give you the caring support you need to address the essential challenge of educating students from all walks of life and at all levels of proficiency who desperately need stability, direction—and an advocate where none may exist now. You’ll have the foundation and the skills to be an effective teacher, a role model, and a mentor for life.

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M.Ed. and M.A. in School Counseling

The M.Ed. and M.A. in School Counseling programs are nationally recognized for preparing the most well trained school counselors in the region to meet the complex social, emotional and academic needs of today’s students. As a student, you’ll master best practices and put proven methods into action while receiving comprehensive prep to pass the National Counselor Exam. The program’s hands-on internships and practicum components will provide you with the support, experience and the confidence to address the most pressing challenges in modern education.

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Graduate degrees in Education

The School of Education helps educators, counselors, and administrators become dynamic role models for students—and society. As a student in teacher education or education specialty programs, you’ll experience a learner-centered model of instruction that instills the competence, conscience, and compassion for education leaders to make an impact in public and independent schools.

  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Educational Leadership
  • Educational Technology
  • Literacy Education
  • Kodály Music Education
  • Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)

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M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology

The Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology provides you with the professional skills necessary to be a powerful and compassionate advocate for people with communication disorders. In the program, you’ll have valuable opportunities to acquire—and apply—knowledge of speech, language, hearing, and communication disorders and differences to change lives. You’ll also master prevention, assessment, and intervention strategies for people with communication and swallowing disorders. As a graduate of the program, you’ll emerge with a strong grasp of ethical conduct, research principles in an evidence-based clinical practice, and contemporary professional issues—essential prerequisites for a successful and fulfilling career in the field.

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Graduate degrees in Psychology

Loyola’s graduate programs in clinical and counseling psychology prepare you for a transformative career in direct service, leadership, research, or education. You’ll encounter a learning environment that nurtures your skills in critical thinking, assessment and intervention—one that is grounded in psychological science and human diversity. Through a unique combination of practitioner training, professional education, and proven science, you’ll master the methods to make an impact in the mental health of individuals, families, organizations, and communities—whether practicing as a clinician or pioneering new research.

  • M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Thesis or Practitioner Track
  • M.S. in Counseling Psychology, Thesis or Practitioner Track
  • C.A.S. in Psychology
  • Master’s Plus: Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC) Courses
  • Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology

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M.A. in Emerging Media

The Master of Arts in Emerging Media equips you to engage in and distinguish yourself in a new brand of conversation—one happening in real time, driven by unprecedented technology and dramatically shifting cultural attitudes. You’ll develop skills to cut through the conversational clutter to connect with audiences in relevant and meaningful ways using the latest tools and platforms available. In the age of communication and content, this degree will give you a massive advantage in any number of careers.

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M.A. in Liberal Studies

The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies is multi-disciplined learning experience developed to enrich students’ lives while creating professionals with wide-ranging perspective. As a graduate of the program, you’ll possess tremendous perspective on multiple facets of society—from business and culture to sociology and the human condition. You’ll use the breadth of perspective you gain from the program to approach challenges in work and life from refreshing new angles. You’ll emerge with a greater understanding of how the world works—and the skills to make an impact in any industry or discipline.

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M.S. in Pastoral Counseling

The Master of Science in Pastoral Counseling program provides students with a multi-dimensional approach to improving mental health. As a student in the program, you’ll learn how to improve the quality of life of others by blending well-respected and scientifically rigorous counseling methodology with spiritual guidance and moral accountability. Designed to complement your background and past experience, the program offers tremendous flexibility to pace your learning and ensure your success.

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M.A. in Spiritual & Pastoral Care

The Master of Arts in Spiritual and Pastoral Care program provides students with a faith-based approach to building, repairing and enhancing relationships between people and groups with diverse perspectives. As a student in the program, you’ll blend social sciences, spirituality, and empathy to guide a productive dialogue, helping people find common ground—and peace within themselves. Designed to complement your background and past experience, the program offers a tremendous opportunity for you to make an impact in not just matters of the church, but in any social organization where respect, understanding, and tolerance is valued.

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Master of Theological Studies

The Master of Theological Studies sits at the crossroads of scientific rigor and social accountability and spiritual grounding. As a student in the program, you’ll master advanced research techniques and hone your talents as a persuasive communicator—skills that are highly sought after in every field. You’ll immerse yourself in Christianity’s rich history as you make connections to its teachings, meaning, and impact in a complex world. Additionally, a Certificate in Theology and Ministry program is available for those who wish to further their academic theological education for the sake of a ministerial vocation, such as ordained ministry or chaplaincy.

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Graduate Degrees in Business

The Sellinger School of Business has a reputation for quality education, involved faculty, and a supportive atmosphere. Sellinger is one of a few schools in the world with AACSB dual accreditation in accounting and business. Students enjoy flexible programs and convenient locations.

Degree options include:

  • Professional's MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • Emerging Leaders MBA
  • Master of Science in Finance
  • Master of Accounting
  • Cyber Security Certificate

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