Master of Arts in
Liberal Studies

Explore. Grow. Change.

Loyola's graduate program in liberal studies seeks to "liberate" in the classic sense of that term, delivering a rich and satisfying intellectual experience in an environment which respects a broad spectrum of cultural traditions and perspectives. At the heart of graduate liberal studies is the commitment to better understand the world as well as the place each of us has within it, driven by an acute recognition of, and respect for, the profound diversity of human character and human experience. Liberal studies at Loyola strives to make a difference in students’ lives, so that they in turn can make a difference in their offices, in their classrooms, in their communities, and in their world.

Coursework in the program covers philosophy, literature, history, politics, and art, as well as contemporary social issues. Students choose the courses within the program that appeal to them personally, making the program a reflection of each student's unique educational goals.

What Will I Learn?

  • Think critically and communicate effectively
  • Speak and write with clarity, precision, and authority
  • Qualitatively analyze texts and ideas
  • Understand and situate cultural and literary historical events and concepts
  • Understand and appreciate the nuances of diverse philosophical and analytical traditions

How is the program structured?

  • Hybrid and on-campus course options
  • Round-table class formats
  • Small class sizes
  • Self-paced, part-time, and full-time options
  • Year-round admission
  • Competitive per credit tuition and affordable payment options
  • No GRE required