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Sitecore Refresher

The Technology Training Center hosts Sitecore refresher courses about once a month. Register early to save your spot or email training@loyola.edu to ask for additional dates/times. The course will cover materials from the Intro to Sitecore class including editing a page, inserting an image, and adding a new page. Additionally, it will also cover resizing an image, updating a portlet, and some quick tips for SEO and accessibility. This course is only for content owners who have already attended Intro to Sitecore. Seating is limited.

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Best Web Practices

Best Web Practices focuses on tips for updating content on your website including editing text on a page, adding fresh content to portlets, reorganizing large or unusable images, and evaluating information in tables. Content owners will also have time to get feedback from peers on their own websites and make changes to their live site during class. This course is only for content owners who have attended Intro to Sitecore or Sitecore Refresher course within the last six months. Seating is limited.

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One-on-One Sessions/Consultations

Reach out to Kim Hall, krhall@loyola.edu, for more information about upcoming events or to set up a consultation or a one-on-one.

Past Events

Optimizing Your Site for Better Search Results

The office of web communications held an event on “Optimizing Your Site for Better Search Results” in 2015 with special guest Mike Tirone, ‘08, digital marketing search specialist at R2integrated. Mike discussed creating fresh, relevant content that attracts site visitors and is optimized for search engines.

Watch the recording or download the slides.