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SEO and Accessibility Guidelines

As a content owner, you are responsible for maintaining the content of your website as well as ensuring it follows our SEO (search engine optimization) and accessibility standards. Accessibility ensures that all individuals accessing the site, including those with low vision or hearing, as well as those with visual impairments, can access our websites. Below are some basic SEO practices that you should follow to help your site show up in search engines. Many of these standards also help support accessibility, which helps people with physical disabilities or technology limitations.

Overview on Accessibility

Learn why making your website accessible is important for many of your visitors on the Section 508 compliance website

Primary Guidelines

  • If you create new pages or upload documents, keep the Sitecore tree naming convention all lowercase and separate keywords with hyphens (good examples of file names are “student-development” or “faculty-resources”)
  • Make all links descriptive (never use “click here," "learn more," etc.)
  • Write clear and accurate page content
  • Use "heading 2" and "heading 3" sub-heading styles within your content
  • Never put text in an image (e.g. never post an image of a flier because text in an image cannot be read by search engines)
  • Resize images to less than 800 pixels wide before uploading into Sitecore
  • Add a brief description (less than 60 characters) of every image in the Alt Text field
  • If you create a new page, write a "Title Tag" for the page and put it in the "HTML Title Tag" field. It should follow this format: [description of page] - [department name] - Loyola University Maryland (e.g. Request Form - Marketing and Communications - Loyola University Maryland). Try to keep the Title Tag to 65 characters or less and make sure it is unique from any other page on your site.
  • Add an "HTML Meta Description" for any new page you create. It should be less than 155 characters. This content should be a brief description of the page. It does not help with search engine rankings, but it does give users some context as to what they'll find on your page. Make sure this is unique from any other page in your site.


If you are posting a PDF, please contact the office of marketing and communications at ext. 5025 or www.loyola.edu/marcomm/webupdate and we can help optimize it for search engines and accessibility.


If you are posting or linking to a video, it must have either captioning or a transcript. Contact the office of marketing and communications at ext. 5025 or www.loyola.edu/marcomm/webupdate for assistance.