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Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation

Resources and Reflections

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation is a part of a larger, sustained conversation on racial justice. Loyola encourages students, faculty, and staff to continue the conversation on campus and in the Loyola community, which is in line with the great Jesuit traditions of reflection, discernment, and engagement amid the University's commitment to social justice and care and concern for others. Related events—on and off campus—may help facilitate discussion. Loyola hopes that you may seek out organizations and events doing the work of racial justice in your communities at Loyola, in Baltimore, and beyond. You might seek out such conversations and trace the threads between them.

Some highlights of Cole’s essay work:

  • "A Time for Refusal," New York Times Magazine November 11, 2016. Cole's comparison of the current political climate to the underlying themes in, "Rhinoceros," a play written by Eugène Ionesco.
  • The Digital Afterlife of Family Photos,” New York Times Magazine April 26, 2016. One of Cole’s latest from his “On Photography” column, this one a careful meditation on memory, race, history, and justice.
  • Against Neutrality,” New York Times Magazine January 14, 2016. An essay with a signature take on borders, kinship, and the power of visual media.
  • A Piece of the Wall,” Twitter essay, March 13, 2014. An innovate essay on immigration published entirely on Twitter.
  • "The White Savior Industrial Complex,” The Atlantic March 21, 2012. An essay that launched Cole into public intellectual debates about race, justice, and privilege.

Related Events

Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service: Join us for "day on" at local elementary schools in our York Road community
January 16, 2017, 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.
Meet at York Road Initiative (5104 York Road)

Take it to the Halls: Post-MLK student discussion of race and racial justice at Loyola
Following the MLK talk by Teju Cole (about 7 p.m. until 9 p.m.)
all Loyola undergraduate students welcome

concurrent sessions: Flannery 230 (East Side), Campion (West Side) & Hopkins Courts Lounge (West Side)

Conversation facilitated by: Student leaders of the Council for Inclusion, Change, and Equity (CICE), supported by faculty and student development professionals
Refreshments: Provided by the Office of Student Life
Student Life contacts: Christina Spearman (Director of Student Life) and Tim Cherney (Associate Director of Student Life)
Faculty Advisor contact: Dr. Karsonya Wise Whitehead (Associate Professor of Communication)
Class Dean contacts: Natka Bianchini (2019 Class Dean) and Arthur Sutherland (2020 Class Dean)
Academic Affairs contacts: Brian Norman (Associate VP for Faculty Affairs and Diversity/Professor of English) & Kristen Fisher (Director of Academic Events)