Loyola University Maryland

Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation

Resources and Reflections

The Martin Luther King, Jr., Convocation is a part of a larger, sustained conversation on racial justice. Loyola encourages students, faculty, and staff to continue the conversation on campus and in the Loyola community, which is in line with the great Jesuit traditions of reflection, discernment, and engagement amid the University's commitment to social justice and care and concern for others. Related events—on and off campus—may help facilitate discussion. Loyola hopes that you may seek out organizations and events doing the work of racial justice in your communities at Loyola, in Baltimore, and beyond. You might seek out such conversations and trace the threads between them.

Some highlights of Gay’s written works:


  • Difficult Women
  • Black Panther: World of Wakanda
  • An Untamed State
  • Ayiti

Short Fiction Prints

  • "The Year I learned Everything"
  • "Sentimental Lies, Marvelous Creatures, Stiff Creams and Veloutes"
  • "Sweet on the Tongue"
  • "Through the Womb"
  • "Who We are Beneath the Glass"
  • "Requiem for a Glass Heart"
  • "In the Event of My Father's Death"