Loyola University Maryland

Racial Justice Training

About the Training

To create the training, BRJA will assess the needs of the Loyola University Maryland community. The assessment process allows key stakeholder groups:

  • to express their concerns and questions in facilitated dialogues with BRJA;
  • to determine how key stakeholder groups understand the need for a long-term equity initiative at Loyola;
  • to gather information on the stakeholders’ perceived state of issues of race at Loyola;
  • to gather information about community members’ own understanding of race and racism;
  • to gauge the amount of resistance to a racial equity initiative that may be present on campus; to provide the data necessary for custom-designed racial equity workshops to ensure training is targeted to the most significant needs;
  • and to determine if campus discourse and messaging is consistent with a value or and commitment to racial equity.

After assessment has been completed and analyzed, the training to meet those needs will begin. That training, which will be offered to all undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and administrators, will be designed to offer an initial experience to spark further discuss and engagement on the important issues of racial justice.

The purpose of the training will be to aid the members of the Loyola community:

  • to develop an understanding of each person’s own racial journey and subconscious biases;
  • to build a common language
  • to clarify the rules of engagement
  • to illuminate relevant history and demonstrate the importance of a knowledge of history
  • to be able to recognize and learn to interrupt resistance to new ideas in others, and more importantly in ourselves

The assessment process will begin in the Spring 2017 semester, with a few trainings offered to university leaders and other key groups. Many of the trainings will occur beginning in Fall 2017.