Loyola University Maryland

Senior Class Gift


What is the 2015 Senior Gift Campaign's Goal?

50% class participation!

Participation is key! The more members of our class who choose to support Loyola, the stronger we will reflect our sense of Class of 2015 unity and Loyola pride!

Why should you support the Senior Class Gift?

Unity and Communication

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a perfect opportunity for members of the class to connect before graduation and to create communication channels for life after Loyola.

Tradition and Pride

By giving a gift to Loyola, you are joining the thousands of alumni before you, who say "thank you" to the University through their annual gifts.

Philanthropic Support

Think of all that you have gained from your Loyola experience - all the friends, lessons, experiences and memories.  The Senior Class Gift is your chance to give back!

Message of Appreciation

The Senior Class Gift is the perfect way to show the Loyola Community that you value your degree from the University.

Why does my gift matter?

Every gift makes a difference.

  1. Many publications (such as U.S. News & World Report) rank Loyola and use the percentage of alumni who donate annually to determine overall alumni satisfaction.
  2. Foundations and corporations, in turn, look at alumni giving participation rates as they determine funding for non-profit institutions such as Loyola.
  3. Your gift helps contribute to the overall value of your Loyola University Maryland degree.

How do I give?

It's easy! You can give using your credit/debit card or cash, credit or evergreen card.

Can't afford to pay it all at once? No problem! You can set up a recurring payment using your credit/debit card. 

How do I stay connected to Loyola after I graduate?

Participating in programs sponsored by the Alumni Association in Baltimore and throughout the country will allow you to remain close to your alma mater and friends and hear exciting news about the University.


The Senior Class Barbecue, the Bull and Oyster Roast, and Reunions are just some of the events in store for the Class of 2015!


Whether you like to continue the Jesuit tradition of participating in community service activities or would like to help plan your Five-Year Reunion, Loyola’s Regional Alumni Chapters and Committees provide an opportunity to network with your peers and remain part of the Loyola University Maryland Community.

If you are interested in getting more involved or learning more about the Alumni Association, please visit Loyola's alumni website.


For more information on the Senior Class Gift campaign or to get involved, please email annual_giving@loyola.edu or call 410-617-2296.