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Summer Online learning

Online learning at Loyola University has never been easier! Summer 2017 will bring a new offering of online courses that you can take from anywhere. 

Online and hybrid courses currently in planning for summer 2017 include: 

  • CM342D: Media, Culture, and Society—this is a diversity course

Students explore the impact of media on culture and social structure through the close examination of cultural products including books, television shows, music, and advertising. Using a wide range of theoretical constructions, students learn to analyze the social meanings of cultural objects.

  • MA151: Applied Calculus

A one semester introduction to calculus. Definition, interpretation, and applications of the derivative especially in business and social sciences. A graphing calculator and/or computer will be used.

  • MG201: Management

Develops knowledge and skills in the management of organizational behavior. Topics include wealth creation, personality, motivation, leadership, planning, teamwork, ethics, and employee development.

  • IS251: Information Systems

Students are immersed in the strategic use of information technology (IT) to solve business problems. They examine the role of IT in organizations and the

  • IS353: Data Management and Database System

Students analyze, create a logical design, and implement the physical design for a database information system-a cornerstone of business transactions. The course includes a database project from a current situation at a real company that allows students to analyze the data needs of an organization, translate user requirements into a database system, and implement the system using leading database management systems.

  • AC301: Intermediate Accounting I

Focuses on the development of financial information for investors and others external to the organization. Topics include review of the accounting cycle; cash, receivables, inventories, operational assets, and preparation of financial statements. Students learn to prepare, understand, and interpret financial statements. Pronouncements of the AICPA, FASB, and SEC are an integral part of the course.

  • AC302: Intermediate Accounting II

Students learn to develop and analyze the information reported in financial statements. Topics include operational assets, intangible assets, short-term and long-term investments, short-term and long-term liabilities, leases, and financial analysis.

integration of information systems (IS) into business activities enabling quality, timeliness, and competitive advantage. Students apply database, spreadsheet, and presentation skills to solve real world business challenges.

  • OM330: Operations Management

Develops the processes by which organizations create value. Students develop an overview of the planning and operation of systems to convert resources to goods and services. Topics include operations strategy, design of processes, product and process quality, global competition and supply chain issues, productivity of operating systems, impact on societal and physical environment, both qualitative and quantitative methods to improve decision making.