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The Natural and Applied Sciences Grand Seminar

Past Events

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The Natural Sciences Grand Seminar was created in order to bring speakers and topical subjects related to the natural sciences to the entire Loyola community for students and faculty from all disciplines to appreciate and enjoy. Each of the six natural sciences departments (biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering, mathematical sciences, and physics) sponsors a general seminar each year that is broad so all natural science majors and the greater community can understand and appreciate it.


Jobs and Security, Pikas and Penguins:  The Big Surprisingly Optimistic Story on Energy
and the Environment
Dr. Richard Alley
Earth Scientist, Professor, and Contributor to the United Nations Intergovernmental
Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)


The Greatest Scientific Achievements of the Hubble Space Telescope
Dr. Mario Livio


The Art of Mental Calculation
Arthur Benjamin, Ph.D.
Professor of Mathematics and Mathemagician


From Loyola to Outer Space
Colonel Timothy "T.J." Creamer, ’82
Flight Engineer and NASA Science Officer on International Space Station Expedition 22/23