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Parent/Family Orientation and Resources

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Below you will find various presentations and resources from the 2015 Summer Orientation (information for the 2016 sessions will be updated in mid-July). Please use these tools as a resource for you and your student. For additional information on these presentations, please contact the office of student engagement at 410-617-2032. 

Parenting a Greyhound

Here about the issues that concern you most: safety and communications. In addition, we will offer an overview on the perceptions and realities in the City of Baltimore. Presenters - Dr. Sheilah Horton (Vice President of Student Development and Dean of Students), Terry Sawyer (Vice President of Administration), and Tim Fox (Director of Public Safety). 

Managing the Roller Coaster Ride of Your Student's First Year

Change in the first semester of college can feel like an emotional roller coaster ride for students and parents. This session will explore developmental changes first-year students confront, particularly with today’s cultural influences, and discuss ways parents and University administrators can work together to help students manage the ride. Presenter: Dr. Christina Spearman (Director of Student Life). 

Housing and Campus Services 

This presentation will first introduce Loyola’s Campus Services including dining venues and meal plan offerings in addition to the bookstore and opportunities to save money on book requirements.  Next it will address the housing assignment process, what to bring, roommates, and efforts to build a sense of community on campus. The presentations will be followed by a chance for parents to ask questions about each aspect of campus living.

Study Abroad Programs

More than 50 percent of Loyola’s juniors study abroad. There are 26 Loyola Programs in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and Australia. Students who wish to study abroad should begin planning during their first year. This session will cover requirements and expectations for the study abroad program.

Financial Aid & Billing  

Staff from the Office of Financial Aid offer an overview of the application process, student and parent responsibilities, and next steps. Also, learn about the various services offered by Student Administrative Services in addition to how to pay tuition and mange your student's accounts. 

Realities of College Life

Members of the Evergreen orientation staff host a live performance showing the ups and downs of the first-year of college. Topics include time management, homesickness, relationships, and fitting in. 

Perceptions vs. Realities of Loyola 

A review of the data from the survey taken at the start of orientation. A panel of campus administrators then offer a brief question and answer session and Father Linnane will wrap up the session.