Loyola University Maryland

Senior Class Gift


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Class of 2015 - We have been challenged!

If we reach our goal of 50% participation, Loyola will receive an additional $10,000 from a senior parent!!!

Ms. Cherry A. Abdou*
Mr. Paul V. Alessi
Ms. Frances G. Amodeo*
Ms. Ashley L. Bishop
Ms. Briana L. Blaney*
Ms. Brittany N. Bond*
Mr. Alexander M. Caballero
Mr. Carlos L. Castro, Jr.
Ms. Briana N. Ciccarino
Ms. Elizabeth N. Curley
Ms. Taylor V. Daily
Ms. Molly E. Davy
Ms. Mary N. DeGregorio
Ms. Kristy R. Dice
Ms. Alyssa M. Dorney
Ms. Victoria A. Downey
Ms. Kathleen A. Egan
Ms. Molly M. Erlanger
Mr. Christopher M. Fessler
Ms. Bridget Flannery
Ms. Marilyn K. Freeman
Ms. Meghan E. Gallogly
Ms. Sarah S. Geyssel
Miss Alexis P. Giuseppone
Ms. Jennifer A. Gumbrecht
Ms. Maria J. Hacker
Ms. Taylor A. Hadley
Mr. Conor W. Harden
Mr. Dylan C. Johnson
Ms. Kathryn R. Karwoski
Mr. Devin J. Klein
Ms. Elijah J. Kohli*
Mr. Will F. Maher
Ms. Danielle M. Martucci
Ms. Stacey M. McGuigan
Mr. Ryan J. Mullins
Mr. Tyrone R. O'Banner
Mr. Regan C. Papariello
Mr. Dominick J. Proto
Ms. Megan D. Reiter
Ms. Allison C. Rosales
Mr. Thomas P. Scerbo
Mr. Scott J. Schwefringhaus
Mr. Evan P. Sheehy
Mr. Christopher J. Stephens, III*
Miss Summer L. Vippolis
Mr. Tyler L. Waldron
Ms. Rebecca M. White
Ms. Meredith C. Zambito*
Ms. Tamara C. Zichichi

*John Early Society Member