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Wednesday, Oct. 3: JOCK THE VOTE! Loyola Votes Logo

  • When: 7:30pm
  • Where: Reitz Arena
  • What: Come out to Reitz Arena to compete against your favorite Loyola athletes and get registered to vote! Following this event, there will be a viewing of the first presidential debate in McGuire Hall, which will be commenced by Father Linnane himself.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: Presidential Debate Viewing

  • When: 9:00pm
  • Where: McGuire Hall
  • What: Come watch the first presidential debate on the big screen in a non-partisan and respectful environment. Father Linnane will kick start the evening and Green and Grey will be serving refreshments.

Thursday, Oct. 4: “Hunger Hits Home” Viewing, Sponsored by the Center for Community Service and Justice

  • When: 7 – 8:30pm
  • Where: Center for Community Service and Justice (CCSJ) Common Space
  • What: “Hunger Hits Home” discusses the current issues of child hunger in the United States. The movie, which runs for about 45 minutes, follows 3 families' struggle with hunger, provides input from members of the government and non-profit organizations on the issue, and discusses what is being done to solve it in the United States. After the movie, there will be a chance for discussion and questions with a representative of the No Kid Hungry Campaign.

Tuesday, Oct. 9: Speaker: Robyn Ochs, Sponsored by Spectrum

  • When: 7 – 9 pm
  • Where: 4th Floor Programming Room
  • What: Robyn Ochs is an educator, speaker and workshop leader, activist, and editor. An advocate for the rights of people of ALL orientations and genders to live safely, openly and with full legal equality, Robyn’s work focuses on increasing awareness and understanding of complex identities, and mobilizing people to be powerful allies to one another within and across identities and social movements.

Tuesday, October 9: The League of Women Voters of Baltimore City Forum

  • When: 7 – 9pm
  • Where: Morgan State University, Student Union Theater
  • What: The forum is a nonpartisan event which is free and open to the public The Dream Act will be discussed between 7 and 8pm, and the Marriage Equality Act between 8:10 to 9:10 PM. Marc Steiner will be moderating the forum. No banners, literature, or other promotional material will be permitted in the theater. For further information, contact Ruth@cramercrystal.com.
  • Directions: The Morgan State University campus is at the intersection of Cold Spring Lane and Hillen Rd. in the northeast part of Baltimore City. To get to the Student Union, go east on Cold Spring Lane past Hillen Rd., take first right turn on Stadium Way and turn right after stadium (2nd right). The parking garage will be right there and there is a walkway from garage to Student Union. The theater is on the first floor of the Student Union. A map of the campus identifying the student union and parking garage is on the back of this flier.

Thursday, Oct. 11: Vice Presidential Debate

  • When: 9 – 10:30pm

Tuesday, Oct. 16: Presidential Debate II 

  • When: 9 – 10:30pm
  • Where: Newman Lobby
  • What: Be a good hound! Come watch the debate with Student Life and the Loyola community on the Newman Lobby big screen televisions. Snacks will be served!

Monday, Oct. 22: Presidential Debate III 

  • When: 9 – 10:30pm
  • Where: Newman Lobby & Flannery O'Connor (3rd Floor Lobby)
  • What: Be a good hound! Come watch the debate with Student Life and the Loyola Community. Food will be served and prizes will be raffled off!

Tuesday, Oct. 23: Privilege & Civility, Sponsored by Student Engagement

  • When: 7 - 9pm
  • Where: 4th Floor Programming Room
  • What: This program is designed to be an interactive conversation about why it is important to cast your vote, and how to engage in conversation about the issues, and candidates. A faculty and student panel will spark the conversation and will take your questions about how to engage in the political world during this election season.

Thursday, Nov. 1: "The Battle for the White House and Congress", Sponsored by Alpha Sigma Nu

  • When: 7pm
  • Where: McGuire Hall
  • What: Join special guest Bob Cusack in a political discussion on the White House, Congress, and this year's election. Bob Cusack has been reporting on policy and politics in the nation's capital since 1995. He regularly appears on MSNBC, Fox, ABC, and CNN as a political analyst. A native of New York City, Cusack received his B.A. in journalism from Loyola. He is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in commercials, television shows, and feature films. 

Monday, Nov. 5: "Let's Talk Politics", Sponsored by the Caribbean Students Union & Asian Cultural Alliance

  • When: 7pm - 9pm
  • Where: 4th Floor Programming Room
  • What: The panel discussion will feature 8 to 9 panelists who will answer questions both on social and  political issues that affect the minority community in America today. Topics include: LGBTQ Rights, Women's Rights, Affirmative Action, Voting Rights, and Education. Those in attendance are welcome to voice their opinion and ask questions on issues they find important