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The Many Faces of Diversity Education

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Loyola strives to prepare students to dedicate themselves to diversity that values the richness of human society as a divine gift and to pursue justice by making an action-oriented response to the needs of the world. That is the challenge the University’s Core Values Statement sets for the campus community.

The office of ALANA (African, Latino, Asian and Native American) Services, along with its six umbrella student-run organizations, hosts a number of heritage celebration events throughout the academic year. These celebrations range in event style, duration, and size. Each of them, however, has a tremendous impact on the student experience. For more information about the heritage celebrations listed below offered by the office and student-run organizations, please visit www.loyola.edu/alana.

"Cultural celebrations are important to one's college experience because the well-being and peace of our world is based on the coexistence of different cultures. It is vital to be educated about other cultures and diversity. It will surely benefit individuals in the long term by knowing history, or simply encountering people of different origins in one's work place, or possibly traveling abroad."

Zebradedra Hunter, '16  BSA Vice President, 2013-14

"Cultural celebrations are important to our college experience because they raise awareness of other cultures that are apart from the majority. They prevent the spread of false perceptions of different ethnic groups that can cause a college experience to be less enjoyable while also inspiring harmony within the community for a better rounded student body."

Kevin Tenorio, ‘14
ACA Vice President, 2013-14

"Heritage celebrations are important to my experience at Loyola because they get me out of my comfort zone and help me have a more open mind, so that I can better relate to different groups of people now, and throughout my lifetime."

Colliette Teah, ‘15
ASU Event Coordinator, 2013-14

"Culture is important because it represents a life I was brought up in. I was brought up in a family that embodies our Afro-Caribbean culture, and I feel most at home when I practice and educate others on it. I believe that people experience culture through learning and practicing traditions as well."

Shinelle Baker, ’14
BSA President, 2013-14

"Latino Heritage Month is a big part of ALAS's mission. For me, it allows me to remember my roots and the values that are important to me as I proceed in my new chapter of life at Loyola. The events like Latin Fest and our Coffee House allow ALAS to bring the Latin culture to the forefront for Loyola to experience."

Lena Hernandez, ’14
ALAS President, 2012-14

"Cultural celebrations are important to me because it reminds me of my cultural background and heritage. Cultural celebrations are important to a person's college experience because they allow for them to learn about a different culture as well as allow others to share their culture and experiences."

Marie Almojuela, ’14
ACA President, 2013-14

"Cultural celebrations provide the Loyola community with the opportunity to embrace and learn about other cultures."

Ivana Zapata, ’16
ALAS Secretary, SP 2014

Black History Month speaker

Black History Month speaker Dr. Terrence J. Roberts addresses students in McGuire Hall on Feb. 17.

Chinese New Year celebration

Students participate in a Chinese New Year celebration in the 4th Floor Program Room on Jan. 30.

African Diaspora Celebration keynote speaker book signing

Students meet M.K. Asante, this year’s African Diaspora Celebration keynote speaker, at the book signing immediately following his address.

Latin Fest

Members of the Association of Latin American & Spanish Students perform salsa at Latin Fest, the culminating event of Latino Heritage Month.

Bhangra dance

Students learn to dance Bhangra, a traditional Indian folk dance, at Asia Fest 2013. 

Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Two seniors perform a tribute to Nelson Mandela at this year’s Wazobia, the culminating event of the African Diaspora Celebration.

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