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Online Periodical and Newspaper Indexes

Business and Company Resource Center (1980-present) -- indexes over 1200 periodicals in business. Type in the name of a country, then view relevant subdivisions, or type in a topic and look for your country as a subdivision. If you do not find what you're looking for, try an Advanced Search. Type in your country and combine it with another term, e.g. Czech Republic and marketing. (Available remotely through LNDL homepage)

Expanded Academic Index (1980-present) - provides access to articles in over 1500 general interest magazines, scholarly journals, and newspapers, many full text. Covers arts and humanities, social sciences, as well as science and technology. (Search as explained above under Business and Company Resource Center.) (Available remotely through LNDL homepage - Databases.)

Lexis/Nexis Universe (Current. Coverage varies with the source) -- includes several different databases containing mostly full-text US and international newspaper and periodical articles. Look for articles in News Sources. Also look for descriptive and statistical information about various countries by clicking on Reference, then Country Profiles. (Available remotely through LNDL homepage after downloading a proxy. Click on Databases for instructions.)

Business Source Premier (1980 - present) - indexes over 1,400 business periodicals, many full text, covering management, economics, finance, and international business. (Search the same as Academic Search Elite. You may search Business Source Premier and Academic Search Elite simultaneously.) On-line Information Sources Available Through LNDL

Online Information Sources Available Through LNDL

Countries and their Cultures (Ref GN307 .C68) -- Entries contain summaries of countries around the world, including demographic, historical, cultural, economic, religious, and political information (an online edition can be found in LNDL's Databases by Title list.)

EIU Viewswire (Current) -- provides analyses and forecasts of the political, economic, and business environment in more than 180 countries. (Available only at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library and campus labs. From our homepage, click on Databases, then select EIU Viewswire.)

Stat-USA -- provides current and historical trade-related and economic information, international market research, and country analyses. (Available only from the library and campus labs. For country information, from the LNDL homepage, go to Databases, Stat-USA, then Globus, then Market and Country Research.)

Political Risk Yearbook -- presents background information on the political, social, and economic climate in over 100 countries. (Available through LNDL homepage under Databases. Also available in paper in the Reference section.) On-line Information Sources Available on the Web

Online Information Sources Available on the Web

International Business Information on the Web - provides links to all the URLs mentioned in the book by the same title by Sheri Lanza. Provides resources for free and quality reference sites for international research including financial, economic, demographic, and trade information and also information on regulations and procedures for doing business in various countries. (Go to http:www.infotoday.com/ibidirectory.htm.)

Country Studies -- describes and analyzes political, economic, and social aspects of selected countries. Extensive individual coverage. If you do not locate a country on-line, check the LNDL catalog for a paper version. (Available remotely through LNDL homepage, click on Index, then WWW sites, then Country Studies or go to site directly at http://lcweb2.loc.gov/frd/cs/cshome.html.)

Background Notes -- provides brief information on government and political conditions, economy, foreign relations, and travel with links to additional sites. Updated periodically. (Available through the LNDL homepage. Go to the Index, then WWW sites, then Background Notes or go directly to the site at http://www.state.gov/r/pa/ei/bgn.)

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web -- BLS site provides links to statistics and information from agencies of the US government and from international statistics agencies. Coverage varies by country. (http://stats.bls.gov/oreother.htm.) Also consult foreign labor statistics.

US State Department Travel Warnings and Consular Information Sheets -- provides information on countries where "avoidance of travel is recommended." The site disseminates information about terrorist threats and short-term conditions posing significant risks for travelers. Consular information sheets are available for every country in the world and include location of the consulate or embassy, unusual immigration practices, health conditions, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security information, and drug penalties. (http://travel.state.gov/travel/cis_pa_tw/tw/tw_1764.html)

GovSpot -- links to many government sites. Offers a high-utility collection of top government and civic resources. Section on World Government provides links to The World Factbook and links to government sites for various countries. (http://govspot.com/categories/worldgovernment.htm)

National Anthems - Fun sites for the flags and national anthems of various countries. Some include lyrics in English and the language of the country. http://www.thenationalanthems.com or http://www.geocities.com/TheTopics/8106/Anthems

Print Sources Available at LNDL

The Europa World Year Book (Ref. JN1.E85) -- provides detailed information about history, government, politics and political parties, trade, economics, education, and demographics. It includes names and addresses of organizations, newspapers, and other publications, and people holding office or positions in government and various organizations. Updated annually.

Statistical Abstract of the World
(Ref. HA154.S83) -- presents data on 186 countries of the world in tabular format which allows easy comparison. Information includes physical characteristics, demographic information, government, trade, production, economic, and education statistics.

Political Risk Yearbook (Ref. JC330.2 P65) -- presents background information on the political, social, and economic climate in over 100 countires. (Also available through LNDL homepage.)

Doing Business in (Country) (Look in the LNDL catalog.) -- issued for individual countries and updated periodically for different countries, provides a quick overview of the investment climate, economy, taxation, regulations, forms of business organization, and business and accounting practices of the subject country. (Two separate series by the same name, one done by Price Waterhouse, the other by Ernst & Young.) Print Sources Available at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library (Cultural)

Countries and their Cultures (Ref GN307 .C68) -- Entries contain summaries of countries around the world, including demographic, historical, cultural, economic, religious, and political information (an online edition can be found in LNDL's Databases by Title list.)

(Country) : A Country Study (Look in the LNDL catalog by country.) -- paper form of the on-line Country Studies cited previously; describes and analyzes political, economic, and social systems and institutions. Particular information is devoted to the people who make up the society, their origins, beliefs, values, and interests. (The on-line version is more current, but if a particular country is not represented on-line, check for a paper version.)

Craighead's International Business, Travel, and Relocation Guide to 81 Countries
(Ref. HF5549.5 E45C886) provides in-depth information about the business environment and everyday living and working conditions in various countries. It covers topics such as general country orientation, economic and political overview, money, banking and tax matters, business customs and protocol, housing, schools, and social etiquette.

Culturgrams: The Nations Around Us (Ref. GT150.C85) -- focuses on the culture of the countries covered, presents the daily customs and lifestyle of the society, and also provides information about the political and economic structures.

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (Ref. GN333.W67) -- provides information on approximately 500 cultures of the world, covering twenty different areas of daily life including clothing, food, language, traditions, and religion. (Also available through the Library databases.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Cultural Etiquette
(Ref. BJ1838.T87) -- contains quick and easy guidance on mastering the traditions of other cultures and also advice on etiquette around the world.

Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands
(Ref. HF5389.M67) -- describes the country background, business practices, protocol, and cultural orientation of sixty countries around the world.

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