Checkout periods:
Books: 4 months for faculty and graduate students, 6 weeks for Friends of the Library, 4 weeks for undergraduate students, and 3 weeks for BALC (What is BALC?) members.
Media: 7 days for faculty, 5 for grad students, 3 for undergrads (4 weeks for audio formats). Friends of the Library may only use audiovisual material on-site.

Item Limits:
Books: 200 for faculty, 50 for students, 10 for Friends of the Library, and 5 for BALC borrowers.
Media: 7 for faculty, 5 for grad students, 3 for undergrads. Students usually cannot check out educational or documentary material except by permission of instructor or other faculty.

Alumnus/alumna policies:
Alumni/ae are invited to become Friends of the Library; once members, they can check out LNDL's Books (not media) for 6 weeks, but have no access to books from other BALC or MIC (what is MIC?) libraries. Friends must allow 24 hours to expire between renewals. Friends and BALC members cannot access the library's databases from home.

Among patrons who have never been either students or faculty of either college, only those living in the immediate vicinity of the library (once they have joined the Friends of the Library), or students/faculty of BALC or MIC member institutions may check out books (not media). See Customer Services (Circulation) for details.