Services for LNDL Users with Disabilities

The mission of the Loyola · Notre Dame Library is to provide the information services and resources required to support the current and anticipated needs of the educational programs and concerns of the Notre Dame of Maryland University and Loyola University. To better serve users with disabilities, the Library provides specialized services and equipment. Persons with hearing impairments should use the Maryland Relay Service (Dial 7-1-1 in Maryland or 1-800-735-2258) for the telephone numbers listed below.



The Loyola/Notre Dame Library complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) legislation. If you require the information in this publication in an alternative format, please contact Danielle Johnson.




Students with disabilities may request research assistance for course work by filling out the Term Paper & Research Assistance form, calling the Reference Desk at 410-617-6802, or contacting the Library Accessibility Coordinator, Danielle Johnson . Students requesting research assistance should contact the Research & Instruction (Reference) Desk at least two days before research is to begin to allow the librarians to prepare.

The Research & Instruction Desk provides instruction in use of library tools including the Library's catalog and databases. Users can access the catalog and databases on the two campuses as well as from home with a library barcode and an Internet connection.

Tours and Classes

Loyola and Notre Dame faculty, students, and staff with disabilities may request a guided tour of the library and its facilities. Contact the Library Accessibility Coordinator Danielle Johnson at 410-617-6872, to arrange for a personal tour.

Research & Instruction Staff present library instruction sessions at the request of faculty. If your class is having instruction and you need special assistance, please make the request for assistance in advance.

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There are specially designated parking spaces for individuals with disabilities in the parking Lot adjacent to the Loyola/Notre Dame Library.

Library Entrances

Wheelchair access is available at the main entrance to the Library. Patrons should arrive by the east walkway, which is closest to the parking lot.


All floors of the library can be reached by public elevators. If you need assistance entering and exiting the elevator, please ask at the reference or circulation desks.

Restroom facilities

Accessible restrooms are located on the lower level of the library.

Text Only Site Map

An easy-to-use, text-only site map is available for students using screen readers.


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Retrieval and Circulation of Library Materials

Library users with disabilities may request assistance in retrieving materials from the stacks at the Research & Instruction or Customer Services desks. Disabled users may also request assistance from library employees engaged in reshelving library materials. To be sure staff is available to provide assistance, users may contact Danielle Johnson to arrange a time.


Book & Media Circulation

Users with disabilities may check out materials through regular circulation procedures. They may wish to have another individual (a proxy) check out requested materials for them. If so, disabled users should to write a letter giving the proxy authorization to check out materials in their name. This note will be kept on file at the Circulation Desk. The letter should include the following information:

  • Name of disabled student
  • Name of authorized person to check out the materials
  • Disabled student's library card barcode number
  • include the statement: I understand I am responsible for ALL LNDL LIBRARY MATERIALS charged to my library card by this authorization.
  • Signature of disabled student
  • Date

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Photocopying Assistance

Library users with disabilities may request assistance with photocopying at the Research & Instruction or Customer Services Desks.

Telephone Requests

Library users with disabilities may call the Research & Instruction desk for information assistance or to see if a book is checked out.

Library Publications in Alternative Formats

All public printed materials, including worksheets and pamphlets, can be made available on white paper (for scanning) or can be downloaded and converted to plain text and sent electronically. Many of the printed materials are also available on our web page. Ask at the Research & Instruction Desk for more information.

Evacuation Procedures

If the building is evacuated, library users who need assistance should wait inside the nearest stairwell. Designated library employees clear the building during an emergency, check the stairwell entrances for library users who require assistance, and will notify Emergency personnel. Fire Department personnel also routinely check stairwell entrances during a fire emergency.

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Special Equipment for Students and Faculty with Disabilities

  • The Media Services Center on the main level of the Library has televisions with closed captioning and books on tape.
  • Computers in the Library have text enhancers which enlarge the font of a document.
  • Various devices and software are available for blind or low vision students; please contact Danielle Johnson for access.
  • Loyola University has a Braille printer that can be used by appointment by students of either campus.
  • Disability services including student readers, sign language interpretation and other services and technologies are available through either campus.
The France-Merrick Digital Media and Adaptive Technology lab, located on the lower level of the library, provides access to a variety of equipment and software for use by students with disabilities including ZoomText, JAWS, Kurzweil 3000, Texthelp Read & Write Gold, a CCTV, and a Braille printer (mentioned above). See the lab website for more information.

Please contact the following persons for more information:

Notre Dame of Maryland University
Laura Mathabel, Director of Disability Support Services. Theresa Hall, Room 009. Phone: 410-532-5401

Loyola University
Marcia Wiedefeld, Director of Disability Support Services: 410-617-2062

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Library Contacts

  • ADA Coordinator for the Library
    Danielle Johnson, Digital Services
  • Research & Instruction Services
    Joanne Helouvry, Department Head
  • Research & Instruction Desk
    Ask a Librarian, Email Reference
  • Customer Services Desk
    Gail Breyer, Department Head
  • Media Services Desk
    Pat Turkos, Media Services Assistant
  • Interlibrary Loan Desk
    Nick Triggs, Coordinator

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