Printing from the Digital Lab

Printing is available from the computers in the Digital Lab. Print jobs may be made from any computer through the library's printing system and will be printed on the printers in the Copy Room on the main level of the library.

Printing for the main printer costs 15 cents per page for regular black and white printing (Printers A and C)  and 50 cents per page for color printing (Printer B). In order to print students need to create a print account at the circulation desk if you don’t already have one. After selecting print you will be asked to enter your 7 digit print account number and to provide a name for your print job (this is optional)

Epson PrinterColor Printer in Lab

The large scale color printer located in the lab is attached only to Mac 5, so all printing must be completed from that computer.

Print costs:

$2 per print if using regular paper or you bring your own paper

$2 to purchase our size A3 photo paper or $0.50 to purchase our 8.5 x 11 photo paper, so $4 total to purchase paper and make a print on A3 paper or $2.50 to purchase paper and make a print on 8.5 x 11 paper.