Cabell's Directories
Publication, circulation and submission information about academic journals in a variety of disciplines, including Business and Economics, Education, Psychology, and Nursing.
Cambridge Histories Online
Authoritative histories of European, American and world politics, science, religion, and culture.
Cambridge Scientific (CSA)
Collection of databases in the sciences, humanities, & social sciences.
Contains 5,000 (2,500 English/2,500 Spanish) customizable documents addressing patient condition, treatment, laboratory tests, follow-up care, psychosocial issues, continuing health, and the most frequently administered drugs.
Catholic Periodical & Literature
Citations to articles and reviews published in Roman Catholic periodicals, Papal documents, church promulgations, and books about the Catholic faith.
Christian Science Monitor
Christian Science Monitor from 1988-present.
The Chronicle of Higher Education
Source of news, information, and jobs for college and university faculty members and administrators.
References to and full text of sources in nursing and allied health disciplines, such as diet, nutrition, physical and occupational therapies. (1982-present).
Civil War: A Newspaper Perspective
Newspaper articles published during the Civil War in the New York Herald, Charleston Mercury and Richmond Enquirer (1860-1865)
This index provides access to Latin American journal article citations and is actually two Spanish-language indexes joined together in one service. The CLASE database indexes over 1200 Latin American journals in the social sciences and the humanities, while the PERIODICA database indexes over 1400 Latin American science and technology journals.
Classical Music Library
Fully searchable classical music resource which includes tens of thousands of licensed classical recordings that users can listen to over the Internet. Includes information about the composer and recording.
Classical Scores Library
PDF files of 9,258 scores of many of the major works of western classical music, from the Renaissance to the present, for study and analysis. The scores can be printed, and associated recordings from Classical Music Library will be displayed in some cases so you can play them as you study the score.
Clinical Pharmacology
Drug compendium to fulfill the drug reference requirements for licensed pharmacies and to determine the appropriate use of drugs and biologics for cancer patients.
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews
Contains detailed, structured reviews by groups of experts in over 40 clinical specialties who authoritatively review hundreds of studies on topics in their specialty, select those that meet strict EBM criteria, and perform "meta-analyses" when possible on all the included studies (to search for more Evidence Based Medicine Resources also try the EBM Reviews database).
ComDisDOME - Communication Sciences and Disorders Information Service
References to articles, books, dissertations, experts, and web sites in speech-language pathology and audiology (Dates vary with some sources going back to the late 70s early 80s)
See WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)
Computer Technology (CSA)
Includes Computer and Information Systems Abstracts and Electronics and Communications Abstracts.
Contemporary World Music
A searchable and playable collection of 1,030 albums of traditional and popular music from around the world.  The listener can select an area on a map to find music from a particular region, and liner notes will provide background on perhaps unfamiliar genres such as Gagaku or Maqam.
Countries and Their Cultures
Entries contain summaries of countries around the world, including demographic, historical, cultural, economic, religious, and political information.
CQ Weekly Online
Provides in-depth reports on issues in Congress, plus a complete summary of the previous week's news, including the status of bills, committee and floor activity, debates and roll-call votes. Archive dates back to 1983.
See WRDS (Wharton Research Data Services)