Sage Journals
Full-text access to more than 485 scientific, business and humanities journals, including those of more than 245 learned societies and institutions.
Science Citation Index Expanded
Cited reference searching, bibliographic information and abstracts of scholarly articles in approximately 5900 science and technical journals. (1980-present)
ScienceDirect: Elsevier Journals
Full-text to over 600 Elsevier journals in science, business, engineering and medicine (1995-pres.) Includes backfile of 43 psychology journals dating from 1936
SciFinder Scholar
A research tool providing chemical and related scientific information. In addition to patent and journal references, the database provides information on organic and inorganic compounds and sequences; chemical reactions; and chemical sources. Note: First time registration is required for use. Register Now!
An all-encompassing database, Seeker searches books and media from our catalog as well as newspaper, magazine and journal articles, business publications and more.
Smithsonian Global Sound
Recordings owned by Smithsonian Folkways Recordings and other archival audio collections, and allows the listener to play an extensive collection of world music, with an emphasis on the folk music of the United States.
Social Sciences
Collection of databases including Linguistics and Language Behavior, Sociological Abstracts, Social Sciences Citation Index, and ERIC.
Social Sciences Citation Index: ISI Web of Science
Citations & abstracts of scholarly articles in the social & behavioral sciences, featuring cited reference searching in 50 disciplines in the social sciences (1956-pres.)
Social Services Abstracts
Abstracts and citations of journal articles, dissertations and book reviews in social work, human services, and related areas (1980-present)
Sociological Abstracts
References to sources on the social & behavioral sciences (1963-pres.)
SRDS Media Solutions
Media/ad rates, data and contact information on consumer magazine, newspaper, out-of-home and interactive advertising sources.