Gifts to the Library


Jack Ray, Associate Director
410-617-6812 or


  1. The Library welcomes donations of books in good condition that are suitable for an academic library.
  2. Any books that a donor brings to the Library will be acknowledged, but we cannot appraise or provide a dollar value for donated books. Be sure to include a name and address where the acknowledgment should be sent.
  3. The Library will only pick up books if the quality of the collection warrants it and the distance to be traveled is not excessive.
  4. Books not selected for addition to the collection may be exchanged with a dealer for credit, donated to another library, sold to Library customers, or recycled, depending on the nature and condition of the particular item. If donors prefer, they may take back any books not added to the collection, but these will not be acknowledged as donations.
  5. Magazines and other periodical issues are usually not suitable for addition to the collection, unless they are complete and substantial runs of professional journals not owned by or available electronically to the Library. Please do not donate periodicals without checking first to see if they are needed.
  6. Cash donations are also welcome. Make checks out to Loyola/Notre Dame Library. We can purchase and plate memorial books with cash gifts designated for that purpose.