Mission and Strategic Plan

Library: Assessment Approach

  1. Methodology:

    1. Review each goal, objective and strategy for appropriate assessment.
    2. Determine if assessment will be checkmarked or quantitative/qualitative measures applied.
    3. Target constituencies when using surveys.
  2. Strategic Plan will be reviewed every six months in the first three years for progress.

    1. Review for goal progress.
    2. Determine if resources are needed.
    3. Adjust goal or objective if conditions indicate.
    4. Analysis will be data driven.
  3. Develop an in-house cross-cutting instrument.

    1. Apply periodic or longitudinal as appropriate.
    2. Consider an absolute threshold if goals or objectives merit this approach.
  4. Assessment will be applied to:

    1. Information literacy.
    2. Usability and services.
    3. Reasons why students or faculty do not use the library.