Mission and Strategic Plan

Library: Fundraising

The financial climate in today's academic library is challenging. The Library's annual budget alone can no longer support the high cost of electronic information and new technologies, as well as the annual cost increases for library materials and programming. Fundraising efforts will therefore be developed for the Library to augment the funding from Loyola and Notre Dame.


Launch a fundraising program for the Library in collaboration with Loyola and Notre Dame advancement offices, seeking government and foundation grants, donations, and gifts.

  • Objective 1:

    Develop and implement an array of fundraising strategies to attract external funding.
    • Strategy 1:
      Target funding organizations that specifically support libraries.
    • Strategy 2:
      Identify local foundations with history of supporting library operations.
    • Strategy 3:
      Start with small funding requests, manageable projects, especially in regards to matching funds.
  • Objective 2:

    Identify and apply for external funding from at least two grant applications a year.
    • Strategy 1:
      Partner with other institutions and libraries in collaborative projects to make funding applications more attractive.
    • Strategy 2:
      Assign and train a librarian with specific responsibility for managing grant applications.


Establish a fund to support library programming and special collections purchases.

  • Objective 1:

    Cultivate a core group of donors interested in contributing funds for library operations.
    • Strategy 1:
      Establish a Friends of the Library organization.
    • Strategy 2:
      Showcase unique library activities and programs, improved facilities, and valuable collection resources.