Mission and Strategic Plan

Library: Staffing Advances

The Library is committed to providing an organizational structure which meets the needs of students, faculty, and Library staff. Providing resources and services to the two institutions on their main campuses, satellite campuses, and online will require the Library staff to adapt to the changing demands of the undergraduate and graduate curricula and to new technology.


Cultivate a staff organization that is flexible, collaborative, and proactive in anticipating and meeting the changing needs of students, faculty, and Library staff.

  • Objective 1

    Develop a formal project management process for departmental initiatives and ad hoc teams.
    • Strategy 1:
      Review progress in project management on a quarterly basis to assess effectiveness of process and changes in project resource needs.
  • Objective 2

    Institute a comprehensive program of staff cross-training to enable flexible staffing of all service areas.
    • Strategy 1:
      Analyze workflow patterns across departments to identify staff able to support periods of intensive work demands in another department.
    • Strategy 2:
      Document important problem-solving procedures unique to each position to enhance staff flexibility.
  • Objective 3

    Conduct regular assessment of library services to ensure adequate staffing support.


Provide for the ongoing development of Library staff through systematic training and upgrading of skills, supporting succession needs and hiring policies.

  • Objective 1:

    Develop a comprehensive continuing education plan appropriate to the skills and knowledge needed for program support.
    • Strategy 1:
      Ensure that the staff develops new skills and competencies to enhance Library services by leveraging the technology training offered in-house, online, and through Loyola and Notre Dame.
    • Strategy 2:
      Institute biannual all-staff workshops on adapting to emerging technologies & information and education trends.
  • Objective 2:

    Consider the projected loss of experienced staff to retirement during the next five years and identify long range staffing needs.
    • Strategy 1:
      Analyze current staffing patterns and develop a program to address long-range staffing needs and competencies.
    • Strategy 2:
      Identify staff with potential to take on new and increased responsibilities and train them accordingly.


Promote integration of Library staff into the Loyola and Notre Dame communities in order to gain a broader understanding of each institution's operations and priorities.

  • Objective 1:

    Increase involvement of librarians at both schools by participation on committees, additional liaison activity, and provision of more archival services.


Cross train staff. Utilize training offered in-house and online by Loyola and Notre Dame. Participate in webcasts and podcasts of local and national association conference programs and vendor product seminars to reduce travel expenses and time.