Mission and Strategic Plan

Library: Teaching and Learning

Information literacy refers to the ability to recognize what type of information one may need, and to develop skills to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the needed information. The Library staff seeks to increase the collaboration with faculty at both institutions to teach these skills within the context of their courses and the curriculum, using Library resources that support the teaching and learning objectives.


Provide high-quality information literacy instruction that contributes to the educational missions of Loyola and Notre Dame by addressing student needs for critical thinking as they relate to information acquisition and ethical use.

  • Objective 1:

    Partner with faculty to promote and establish information literacy as a collaborative effort and a fundamental educational goal to help students achieve course objectives.
    • Strategy 1:
      Determine the best methods for including information literacy objectives in each discipline by conferring with departments.
    • Strategy 2:
      Conduct faculty workshops on new information technologies and techniques for integrating information literacy into courses, assignments, and programs.
    • Strategy 3:
      Establish the Library as an integral component of the teaching excellence centers.
  • Objective 2:

    Identify new teaching initiatives at the two institutions that require different pedagogy and techniques.
    • Strategy 1:
      Participate in undergraduate curriculum planning committees at both institutions.
  • Objective 3:

    Assess the Library's information literacy program in order to strengthen and refine the program to meet the existing and future curricular initiatives of the two institutions.
    • Strategy 1:
      Partner with faculty to devise and apply feedback mechanisms to determine the effectiveness and impact of the information literacy instruction on achieving course goals.


Expand the role of librarians in supporting new learning initiatives by providing information literacy skills in innovative course delivery systems.

  • Objective 1:

    Adapt teaching methods and apply appropriate emerging technologies to enhance delivery of literacy instruction to meet differing information needs.
    • Strategy 1:
      Host a national conference for comprehensive university information literacy on new learning methods.
Develop additional help guides, tutorials, or podcasts as an alternative or supplement to face-to-face instruction and ad-hoc research assistance; organize off-campus instruction and institute use of webinar software to minimize travel.