Vol. 2, No. 1 Fall 2004

Library Building Project Status

In September of this year, the Library building project progressed through the design and development stage. The architects, construction manager and library administration are now engaged in the process of determining the specific phasing plans for the operation of the building while construction takes place. Construction documents have begun to be drawn up.  new building - floor design

The new schedule calls for construction to commence in June 2006. The decision was made to move the project back one year, awaiting the final determination of the level of MICUA funding to be made available by the State through the next two legislative sessions. This schedule also provides the library more time to assess the collections and determine which parts will be moved off-site during construction. The estimate is that between 60,000 and 90,000 of our least-used titles will be housed at another location during the three-year construction project.

A new feature of the Library project has recently been added by designating space on the 3rd floor for both a special collections area and archives. The two colleges have decided to move their respective institutional archives into the library as part of the 3rd floor renovation, which will be the final phase of construction. The new archive area will essentially double the space currently available to each college, while providing climate control facilities and a full-time archivist to manage each collection for the first time.

The total building project budget has been holding steady at the original $18 million cost projection. This has been accomplished through the architectural firms of Hillier, Inc. and Probst-Mason Architects working early in the design process with the construction manager, Whiting-Turner, to value-engineer the project.


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